By Eric Schmidt

Two facts of life-  Rush Limbaugh is a polarizing figure and Rush Limbaugh loves NFL football. Limbaugh’s name surfaced once again in association with an NFL franchise, this time a team on the brink of possibly moving out of town over stadium issues and Los Angeles might be the destination.

The political talk show host had Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty on his show Monday and  Limbaugh asked the man who held the head seat in the state house about the future of the Minnesota Vikings and whether or not they would be getting a new stadium. From the Limbaugh website-

Limbaugh asked- “I know you’re not in the statehouse any longer, but there’s an issue roiling the state right now and that’s the Vikings and their new stadium and how much of it should be publicly financed. The usual threats are being made: If the public doesn’t chip in and build a new stadium the Vikings are gone. They’ll move to L.A. or someplace.”

Pawlenty responded, “The rumor is you’re gonna buy ’em and move ’em. Is that true?’ Limbaugh deflected the question from the former governor.

This isn’t the first time Limbaugh has been linked to an NFL franchise. The talk show host was involved in a group headed by Dave Checketts that were interested in purchasing the St Louis Rams in 2009. Limbaugh and his family are from Missouri. Limbaugh is a total Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Limbaugh has repeatedly made reference to the fact that it’s a shame that the second largest television market in the United States, (Los Angeles) does not have a NFL franchise.

Even if Limbaugh was able to raise the money in order to purchase the Minnesota Vikings franchise, the sale would need to be approved by a majority of current NFL owners, something which might be a bit of a reach.

Draw your own conclusions.





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Readers Comments (4)

  1. avatar W.R. Polson

    If Pawlenty allows Limbaugh to move the Vikings, he better pack his bags and move to Green Bay, because that’s the closest to Minnesota he’ll be welcome!

  2. avatar DMtShooter

    Luckily for all concerned, the NFL no longer exists.

  3. avatar David Petrie

    As a Cleveland Browns fan, I can speak firsthand to the issue of stealing an NFL team. When these teams are stolen, it’s never the fans’ fault, but they are the ones who suffer.
    I live in L.A.. L.A. needs an NFL franchise like it needs more illegal aliens. People here do not support pro football, as evidenced by the exodus of the Rams. There are too many transplants, like myself, from other cities who remain loyal to ther hometown teams.
    People in this town have entitlement mentality: they feel they are entitled to everything, whether they support it or not. The “having” is what’s important. After all, it’s L.A., right?
    To threaten fans with the theft of their team because they don’t support the building of a new stadium, ESPECIALLY IN THIS ECONOMY, is unconscionable.
    The only time I would support a move is due to fan apathy: low attendance, poor TV ratings, etc. I am certain that these conditons do not exist in Minnesota.
    Limbaugh, if you are party to this theft, you will realize a drastic reduction in your fan base.


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