By Eric Schmidt

Another pearl of wisdom came from the mouth of Cincinnati Bengals CB Adam Jones this morning on a radio show in Denver. The West Virgina product appeared on 102.3, The Ticket with Chad and Peter saying that Ohio State University QB Terrelle Pryor did break the rules, but wasn’t necessarily wrong in his actions. You can listen to the entire interview right here.This was a fantastic interview, and well worth the listen.

Jones said that Pryor, “…shouldn’t be thrown under the bus for what he done. It was a big deal to them but at the end of the day all he was trying to do was probably get some McDonald’s or something.” What? Selling items to get some extra cash so the Buckeye signal caller can simply roll on over to Mickey D’s for a quarter pounder and cheese. What about the alleged eight cars in three years Pryor had? I guess he needed a way to get to Mickey D’s.

Adam continues in the interview to say that as a kid he made foolish decisions, but “…now I’m a man, I make great decisions. I just leave it at that”.

And Jones follows that gem up with the quote of the day. After being asked Pryor broke the NCAA rules but wasn’t necessarily wrong in his actions, the player formally known as Pacman responded, “I have to agree with that, because if somebody asked me for my jersey and ring, I’d probably gave it to them, too”.

Totally reaffirms my thinking about certain players. To too many players, everything is all about the money. The things that you acquire along your path to ultimately reach the NFL or the next professional level of your sport mean nothing to some players, and that is sad. Not everything in life should have a price, somethings are priceless.




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