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The state of the Houston Texans, like every team in the NFL is currently on hold with the impending lockout. Even though the 2011 league year is on hold, NFL Players are preparing as usual and getting ready for the upcoming season.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Houston Texans defensive back Glover Quin and see how his current off season is going.

Glover Quin was born in McComb, Mississippi and he graduated from North Pike High School in Summit, Mississippi where he played football and basketball. Out of high school he signed with Southwest Mississippi Community College and after 1 1/2 semesters, Quin graduated and left early for The University of New Mexico.

Playing for the Lobos Quin started three years and became one of the best cover men in the Mountain West Conference. Quin left The University of New Mexico with a degree in Business Administration and started his journey to the NFL. After being invited to the East-West Shrine game and NFL Scouting Combine, Quin was drafted by the Texans in the 2009 NFL Draft in the 4th round with the 112th overall pick.

As a Texan Quin has started 28 of the 31 games he has played in since his rookie season of 2009. Quin has a big year coming this year with the possibility of him moving to safety for the 2011 season. Going into his third year in the NFL, QUin is now one of the elder statesmen in the young Texans secondary, Quin is all but ready for the new challenges that await him.

I want to thank Glover Quin for taking time out for this interview and you can follow Quin on twitter.

Patrick:How is your offeseason going and what have you been up to?

Glover Quin: My offseason has been going pretty good. Just been hanging out with the family, working out, and doing a few things around the house.

P: I see you ran a marathon, was this for offseason preparation or for fun?

GQ: It was actually for the Stop Hunger Now Organization. It was more so trying to raise money to feed children across the world. It was also a way to do a little conditioning as well .

P: Can you tell me how you ended up at The University of New Mexico and the pride you have for your school now playing in the NFL?

GQ: I went there after I finish my career in Junior College. They had just graduated 3 corners and needed someone to come in with some experience. Well I had graduated from Juco in 3 semesters so I was available to leave mid year. They offered me a scholarship and I accepted and the rest is history. I love my school. They gave me an opportunity and that is all you can ask for. I had fun while I was there and got a great education as well, so I represent my school to the fullest.

P: Since becoming a professional football player do you try and give back to the community?

GQ: Yes, I love giving back to the community. I always doing charity events, I partner with a teammate and work with a cancer organization, I’m active in my community in Mississippi as well.

P: How excited are you to have Wade Phillips and Vance Joseph in Houston now as your coaches?

GQ: I’m very excited to have them as coaches. To have that experience and new teaching is going to be fun. Coach Phillips has had some great defenses in the past so hopefully this year will be the same. I’m also excited about Coach VJ. He is going to bring a different demeanor to the group and I think it will be a good thing.

P: Have you visited Houston since the season was over?

GQ: Well Houston is where my house is now so this is where I spend my offseason.

P: Is the move to safety a done deal or is that still just talk?

GQ: I don’t know what it is as of now because we can’t communicate with the coaches. Its not just talk though. It is a possibility that the move can happen. We just have to wait and see what happens and go from there.

P: What is your feeling on being the leader of this secondary, since you are the longest tenured starter now?

GQ: I just want to come in and do my job and do it to the best of my ability. Leading to me is something that just happens by the way you carry yourself and go about your business.

P: I noticed ever since the play in Jacksonville you, in my mind, turned the corner as  football player and your whole game picked up can you explain the transformation your season took after this?

GQ: The play in Jacksonville was a very unfortunate play. I don’t think I did anything different in my preparation after that game. I think I had a bunch of critics that maybe started to pay attention to the way a play a little more after that play. I also think we had some big games going down the stretch and I was able to make some big plays on a bigger stage and that may have played a part in it as well.

P: One of your best games this season was the three interceptions performance against the Tennessee Titans, with a bad hand also, what was that like getting your first interception then some more?

GQ: It was a great feeling being able to have a game like that. I had been waiting almost 2 seasons to have a game like that. I felt good going into the game. I felt like they would probably throw the ball at me more because of the hand injury. So I just wanted my hand to feel good enough to catch the ball because the pain was still there. The hand felt good in warmups and it turned out to be a pretty good day.

P: The best game this past season was your coverage against Anquan Boldin in the Monday Night Football thriller, in which you played one of the best receivers in the game and held him to three catches, what was that game like for you?

GQ: I played against him my rookie year when he was in Arizona so I knew what type of receiver he was and the type of game it was going to be. I knew I would match up well with him because he is more of a physical receiver and I try to be a physical corner. It was a really physical game play after play and I was able to make some big plays in the game.

B: Going into your 3rd season as a Texan, what are your personal and team goals?

GQ: I just want to personally take my game to the next level. I want to be better than I was last year and try to elevate my game to a Pro Bowl level. I feel if we all elevate our game, the team has no other choice but to be successful. Obviously we are trying to make it to the playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl, and I believe this is the year we can make a good run for it.

B: What does it mean to be a Texan and would you like to finish your career in Houston?

GQ: It means everything to me to be a Texan. I’m grateful that the Texans drafted me, and I love playing here in front of these great fans. I would love to play my whole career here and see just how far we can go.




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