By Eric Schmidt

It is time for Cincinnati Bengals fans to prepare for another season of futility in 2011. Head coach Marvin Lewis hit the airwaves yesterday and said he is ready to move the Bengals forward with a clean slate, starting over from scratch. Those words must instill some serious confidence in the hearts and minds of Bengals fans, if there are any left.

Appearing on ESPN 101 in St Louis, Marvin Lewis said that he is ready to move forward with Andy Dalton as the opening day quarterback. You can hear the entire interview right here. When asked about Dalton, Lewis responded, “…but there’s no question when we selected Andy Dalton we selected him with that in mind that he’d be our opening day starting quarterback”.

Here’s to hoping that the check has cleared on Carson Palmer’s house sale.

Marvin Lewis went on to talk about how he likes Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco yada yada yada. I don’t understand at all, why the Bengals organization keeps Marvin Lewis around. He was seemingly arrogant in his interview and stated that he get to “start from scratch again”. He’s alluding to a rebuilding process, but he’s rebuilding from what? What success have the Cincinnati Bengals had under his reign as head coach? And why should he get yet another chance to throw the Bengals into yet one more decade long abyss?

Perhaps the fans in Cincinnati are hoping for a season long lockout.





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