By Eric Schmidt

The New Meadowlands Stadium, home to the New York Giants and New York Jets appears ready to get a new name, MetLife Stadium and for the right price of course. is reporting this morning that the stadium and the insurance company are very close to a naming rights deal which could be worth as much as perhaps somewhere between $17-18 million dollars a year.

The website quotes a source as saying negotiations are “very advanced, but not complete”.

The article goes on to state that according to Nielsen Co., insurance companies spent $528 million dollars on sports advertising last year alone. That’s a pretty extreme amount of money for an industry that always cries when they have to pay out claims. My homeowners insurance was canceled by State Farm last year because I live too close to a “body of water”. Maybe the insurance companies could scale back on their advertising and try to focus more on keeping customers instead of entirely pulling out of certain states where they might have to pay a claim.







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