By Eric Schmidt

The hottest free agent in the NFL this season, CB Nnamdi Asomugha, has been rumored to several teams this offseason, but after listening to rumors all day of the Houston Texans being in the lead to sign him only to watch Houston sign another corner, it appears that the eventual trip to the New York Jets is in the works. The online source, @incarceratedbob is reporting this evening that Nnamdi has agreed “in principal” with the Jets.

@incarceratedbob also broke the Santonio Holmes re-signing before any major media source this week, so while this might be a roll of the dice to go to print with this, he’s been dead on this week with three different signings I was was following.

If Nnamdi does sign with the Jets, he is going to have to take a pay cut, but the duo of Revis and Asomugha at the corner position is going to be perhaps the most formidable corner tandem the NFL has ever seen. Now the Jets will still need to add a pass rusher and a secondary receiver across from Santonio Holmes and Rex Ryan might finally see his prediction of a Super Bowl come true. The duo of Revis and Asomugha could see the New York Jets set the record for the fewest points allowed in a single season if the Jets add a pass rusher, because I don’t know who would be able to pass on that tandem, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, no one.







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  1. avatar pmd

    The Jets won’t ever get to the Super Bowl w/ Sanchez as QB. Add whoever you want but Sanchez holds the keys & he was worse last year the Chad Henne.

    • avatar Steve

      The ravens one with Trent Dilfer. Just Saying

    • avatar gjm

      You are obviously a very skilled and reputable QB scout

    • avatar Jay

      Bro , you need to stop smoking the crack, Sanchez is a better QB than Henne, don’t even compare the 2, it’s not even close, Henne will be out of a job soon, and Sanchez is going to the playoffs again

      • avatar Fin Fan

        Sanchez was very lucky the last couple years.Sure he is better than Henne but not in any way in the same class as the elite.He gambles way to much and the Jts D saved his ass aloty last year,this year he may not be so lucky.

    • avatar ezra

      would you care to explain how sanchez was worse than chad henne? i dont see it? maybe i dont know much about football, but i think the honest truth is you dont know much about football lol

    • avatar quik

      Who has more road playoff wins then Sanchez. No one. He may not put up Brady or Manning numbers but he wins and that is all that matters in this league. He was the Jets best player in all of their playoff games. He is big in big moments. If Trent Dilfer can win a Superbowl so can Sanchez.

    • avatar tone

      dude your are delerious, U obviously didnt watch the Jets in the playoffs and must be a Pats/Dolphins or Giants fan…Keep Hatin…we love it! GangGreen baby!

  2. avatar Cpcg

    yeah ummm incarcerated bob is bogus. He is just rolling the dice thinking aso signed. He is just taking rumor and making it seem official. Even I could do that. I could be like “asomugha set to sign a deal with the jets before the weekends over and be in training camp by Monday” yeah let’s say this happens I will seem like a credible source even tho I am talking out my azz. Just a roll of the dice for the guy. This guy is weak just like he was with the Carmelo and nets deal. Hahaha

    • avatar Cpcg

      Told you. Where’s the credible source now?

  3. avatar Revisisland

    Mark sanchez has done much better than Chad henne… 2 yrs and 2 afc championships… Has Chad henne even make the playoffs? Also Sanchez was the jets best offensive player last year he had at least 5 game winning drives last… You can’t ask for more than a quaterback who delivers in the clutch. Name 1 second year quarterback that has had more success than him….

    • avatar jt

      big ben lol

  4. avatar MrNewYork24

    Two years in the league,Two AFC championchips. I would say he is not far off. MostQBs spend their first two years on the bench. Where was Henne his first two years?

  5. avatar Fred

    If they can not put presure on the QB Revis will get burnt all day long. If you watch him the get beat often. QB have had many bad throw when going that way. Normally the QB have been short on there throw. This is probably the worst move ever in the history of the NFL. Mark my email

  6. avatar Fin Fan

    Everyone please stop the Nnamdi craze. He is an upgrade over Cromartie but not by that much. The jets are so into the hype they are forgetting to address the other problems they have. Sure Holmes was good but they are getting old on the O-line and their D-line is old.Corners are only as good as thier d-line and the Jets need help there . The Dolphins d-line blows the Jets and Patriots d-lines away.

  7. avatar Johnny RockIt

    Way to jump the gun, dude. That’s the first and last time I come to this site for credible news. Or for any reason, actually.

    • avatar Eric Schmidt

      And I jumped the gun how exactly? I reported a story. If you don’t return for a visit, so be it, Thanks for your time.

  8. avatar gwhite13

    nice pickup……ohhh wait,,,,what-eagles…oh nooooo. what was that about rex high fiveingggg..!!! looks like pats WIN !!!!!!!!!


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