By Eric Schmidt

The Denver Broncos were believed to be in the market to trade veteran QB Kyle Orton in this off-season free agency period, but according to the Denver Post, the Broncos appear to be done making moves and that includes moving Orton.

It was widely believed that Orton and his $9 million dollar salary would be shipped out prior to the start of this season, and the Tim Tebow era would begin. The Broncos were not able to move Orton, perhaps they were asking too much in return, but now there is a log jam at the quarterback position.

During this off-season, team Executive Vice-President of Operations John Elway made some less than flattering comments regarding Tim Tebow, which he later retracted, but if the Broncos are going to roll into 2011 with both Tebow and Orton on the roster, one has to wonder about the direction this franchise wants to take at quarterback.

To be fair to Elway, he didn’t draft Tim Tebow, former head coach Josh McDaniels did, so he inherited the left-hander. But with Orton heading into the final year of his contract and an unproven signal caller in Tebow, you have to wonder about what direction the Broncos are headed. Does Orton start and then Tebow acquires a wildcat role? Or does Tebow start the season and Orton sits? It’s hard to believe that the Broncos are going to allow a quarterback earning $9 million sit on the sidelines with a clipboard.

If one team loses a starting quarterback through the course of pre-season, I won’t be shocked to see the Broncos ship Orton out for less than they could have received during free agency just in order to clear that salary.




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