By Eric Schmidt

After watching the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles, one thing is apparent, the Ravens are going to need to add a veteran quarterback to back up Joe Flacco this season. The Ravens allowed Joe Flacco to start tonight’s game, but he was quickly replaced by rookie QB Tyrod Taylor. The Ravens can’t seriously be entertaining the prospect of rolling into the 2011 season with Taylor as the sole back up for Flacco.

Taylor, a Virginia Tech product, managed 179 yards passing but he did have two interceptions on the night. He added 59 yards rushing, but that was merely a product of the fact that for most of the night, he was running for his life. Occasionally, the Eagles did catch up with Taylor, sacking him six times.

While Tyrod Taylor did showcase a few flashes of his talents, he is far from being ready to step in during the regular season if something were to happen to Flacco. Flacco has proven to be a durable quarterback, starting every game in his three-year career, but anything can happen. Case in point, the injury to Tom Brady three seasons ago, Brady was lost for the year just minutes into the first game.

The backup role for the Ravens was filled by Marc Bulger last season, but he decided to retire and will be unavailable in 2011. The problem for the Ravens is that the current list of available quarterbacks is quite small. Perhaps the best fit for the Ravens would be veteran Jake Delhomme. Delhomme spent last season with the Cleveland Browns, so he is familiar with the teams in the AFC North division, and despite the fact that he really hasn’t played well in his last two seasons, he would give the Ravens a veteran on the roster as an insurance policy.

Another option for the Ravens might be to mend some fences with former Baltimore QB Troy Smith. Smith is a free agent and familiar with the Ravens offense. Or perhaps Baltimore is simply waiting to see who will be available as teams make cuts in the coming few weeks.

Either way, the Ravens need to add a veteran to their roster. Tyrod Taylor is simply not ready.





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