By Eric Schmidt

There is always speculation regarding MNF announcer and analyst Jon Gruden, but I wonder if he tipped his hand tonight during the broadcast of the New England Patriots at the Miami Dolphins. During a back and forth, filler time banter between Gruden and Ron Jaworski, Gruden fired off this when speaking about the Dolphins around the 5 minute mark in the second quarter. “I want to bring back the glory days of the Miami Dolphins……77 times on Monday Night Football, great tradition”.

Hmmm. Perhaps, Gruden is evoking his inner-Madden, wanting the NFL to return to the alignment of the days of old, or perhaps is he a coach in waiting to take over in 2012 for Tony Sparano? I have no information on this other than what I heard with my own ears during the broadcast, but with the current ownership of the Dolphins, I could believe there might be a deal already in place for Gruden to head to South Florida next season.

This is a team which openly courted Jim Harbaugh while Tony Sparano was hung out to dry. The Dolphins went out and openly entered into trade discussions with the Denver Broncos for Kyle Orton, but discussions broke down, and Chad Henne remains the starter.

This might have been a harmless statement by Gruden, but I did find it curious that Gruden said he wants wants to bring the glory days back to the Dolphins. I never bought into any of the stories linking Gruden to a NFL coaching job in 2011, but I have stood by my assertion that he will return in 2012. Could he be headed over to Miami?




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  1. avatar Phil

    I heard that but didn’t really think about it that way until you mention it. I tell you, I was not liking the way the phins, in my mind, lose some of their home field advantage by playing this cold weather team at night instead of the day where you would think we would have more advantage. After seeing how terribly the phins were prepared, standing around, cramping, falling down, confused, what a joke. Maybe we do need another coach.

  2. avatar NewEnglandFinFan

    Maybe he’s what this joke of a team needs. Tell ya what, he comes to South Florida and I’ll put my teal and orange back on.

  3. avatar NewEnglandFinFan

    God I hate freakin rumors. Dolphin blogs always full of Orton this, Gruden that, and Harbaugh this and Garrard that. Until I see the man on our sidelines then I’ll get excited.

  4. avatar rich9336

    Bring in Gruden and a sharp GM ( Floyd Reese) any away we go. Gruden is one of the best qb coaches around.

  5. avatar Mayhem2009

    This joke of a game last night was a direct reflection on the whole Dolphins coaching staff! Did they think Tom Brady has changed? That Billichek has changed? anyone from New England has changed? Time for Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland to take a long walk off of a short pier! I refuse to go through this kind of season anymore… FIRE SPARANOS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. avatar Judy

    He has my vote. His just do it style is what the players need. That evil eye of his brings fear into the meanest of defense players. GO DOLPHINS

  7. avatar Julio Brener


  8. avatar aron

    i would love to see a change in miami. everyone worried about henne guess we have bigger issues. the team was clueless gassed and outright hammered. we need a change and we need talent. nickel coverage was a joke.


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