By Eric Schmidt

Philadelphia Eagles back-up QB Vince Young is going to have to eat his words as the season rolls on after proclaiming the Eagles as the “Dream Team” of the NFL after signing the highly prized free agent CB Nnamdi Ashomugha during free agency. This team has a ways to go before I am going to anoint them anything less than a work in progress.

Yes, before Michael Vick departed last night’s game with a concussion, the Eagles held the lead, but what about Vick’s reckless ball handling? Three fumbles and an interception? That is not “Dream Team” material. Since the start of the 2010 NFL regular season, Tom Brady has 43 touchdowns and only five interceptions to date, that is “Dream Team” material.

How many games will Vick miss, if any? Who knows. But the problems remain. The offensive line still has issues. The defense has great corners, but why bother to throw up the field when you can march down the field on a corps of weak linebackers and a defensive line which struggled last night to stop the run. And then, you can always throw underneath, as the Falcons did last night to one of my favorites in this week’s fantasy lineup.

The Eagles might muscle their way to a NFC East championship, but this team is a work in progress with some major holes remaining after two weeks. It is possible that these two teams will meet again in the playoffs this season, and the loss in Atlanta might wind up costing the Eagles the chance of hosting a game against the Falcons at home, outdoors, in the elements in January.

Philadelphia still has serious issues to address, and despite Vince Young’s proclamation of being the Dream Team, there are two other teams which hold current standings advantage over the Eagles which might have something to say about that.





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