By Eric Schmidt

Last week, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan made some news while speaking to members of the San Diego media on a conference call. Ryan said that if he had been hired as the San Diego Chargers head coach and been given the talent that Norv Turner has on the roster, he’d have a few rings by now. After watching the collapse by the Chargers on Sunday, you have to wonder if Ryan’s comments have a shred of truth to them.

Norv Turner responded to Ryan’s comments by saying that he wondered where Ryan’s Super Bowl rings that he’s guaranteed over the last few seasons were. Touche, but Turner has presided over a Chargers team which has been known as classic underachievers during his tenure.

At halftime, the Chargers held a 21-10 lead over the Jets and then allowed the Jets to score 17 straight points and get the win. This was inexcusable.

Each season, there seems to be something else wrong with the Chargers team. Last season, it was poor special teams play. This season it’s turnovers and uncharacteristically poor play from QB Philip Rivers. Rivers played much better last season with fewer receiving options than he is this season with having WR Vincent Jackson from week one. Rivers has nine interceptions and only seven scores.

San Diego has the fourth-ranked total defense but the club is -5 in the giveaway-takeaway column. Sure, the Chargers have only two losses and still lead the AFC West, but they have yet to be convincing in their wins and nearly disastrous in their losses. Against the New England Patriots and the New York Jets, the Chargers surrendered 62 points, committed 19 penalties and totaled 6 turnovers.

With the talent on the Chargers roster, San Diego should be the dominant team in the AFC, instead, they are languishing. This is a franchise that fired Marty Schottenheimer after a 14-2 season, how much longer does Norv Turner get to hold the reigns of the Chargers as the head coach?






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