By Eric Schmidt

The Dallas Cowboys are called America’s Team and once again this year there is a reason for that. The Dallas Cwboys are the most popular team in the NFL according to a recent Harris poll. The poll was conducted between September 12-19, and the sample size was 2,462 adults.

This poll has been conducted every year since 1998 and the Cowboys have registered as the number one team in eight of those years. Rounding out the top five most favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and the Chicago Bears, respectively.

Some teams made significant jumps or drops in the poll from their ranking last year. Teams on the decline were the Oakland Raiders, falling eight spots (17 to 25th), the Houston Texans (17 to 23rd) and the Arizona Cardinals (11 to 17th). Teams climbing in popularity were the Miami Dolphins (21 to 13th), the Washington Redskins (15 to 8th) and the Baltimore Ravens (19 to 14th).

The one team which had the most erratic poll numbers in the last three years were the Seattle Seahawks. In 2009 they ranked 14th, dropping to 31st in 2010 and rising to 27th this year.

The poll also addressed the demographics of those who follow football. 55% of all adults surveyed said they followed football, while 71% of male and 41% of female acknowledged they followed the sport.

When respondents were asked which team would win the Super Bowl this season, 24% answered the Green Bay Packers while 23% chose the New England Patriots. No other team received a double digit response.

And the least favorite team in the NFL? The Jacksonville Jaguars for the third year in a row.






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