By Eric Schmidt

Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant doesn’t mind speaking his mind, and he keeps rolling out some nuggets of wisdom. On a recent radio appearance, Bryant spoke about how he believes the Dallas Cowboys are unbeatable and his belief that the NFL game is much easier than college football.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Bryant said that he believes the Dallas Cowboys are unbeatable. “I feel like, it may sound crazy, I think we are unbeatable. I think the losses, we lost those games ourselves. I feel like once we get back in that meeting room and regroup, and we learn from our mistakes, the sky’s the limit”.Bryant has a point, but a loss is a loss and the Cowboys already have three of them so far this season. They are beatable, even if they beat themselves. You don’t get a consolation prize for self inflicted losses. Lose by one or 21, the end result is still the same.

And in the most bizarre quote in hs interview, Bryant said that the NFL game is easier than playing in college. “I think the pros is much easier. The reason I say that is because in college I didn’t see too much man, too much 1-on-1. I always got double-teamed and a lot of zone coverages. When I see that 1-on-1 in the league, my eyes get big. I start visualizing what I’m going to do after the play”.

The Dallas Cowboys did not need yet another distraction and while Bryant has showed flashes of talent in his young career, the Hall of Fame hasn’t begun construction of a Dez Bryant wing just yet.





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  1. avatar Greg Myers

    One thing that Dez Bryant needs to understand is that the NFL game is a game of “what ifs”. What if Romo doesn’t throw that game ending interception to Revis? What if David Tyree does catch the improbable pass from Manning to convert the third down in the Super Bowl. The outcome of the games would be completely different. A few plays decide the outcome of each game. He needs to realize this and capitalize on every moment. That one may be the one that makes or breaks the game.


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