By Eric Schmidt

As the Indianapolis Colts continue to showcase the fact that they are the worst team in the NFL and with the distinct possibility of being in the driver’s seat for Stanford QB Andrew Luck, veteran QB Peyton Manning‘s future remains uncertain. Last week, several analysts stated that they are hearing that Peyton Manning would never allow the Colts to draft Andrew Luck if he was indeed healthy, a ludicrous idea.

Manning is due a reported $20 million dollar salary next season, and if the Colts are indeed able to draft Andrew Luck, a disproportionate amount of their team’s salary would be dedicated to two quarterbacks on the roster, with a team full of needs on both sides of the ball. So why wouldn’t the Colts be open to trade offers for Manning if he is indeed healthy at the start of next season, and which NFL teams might be interested?

Manning’s salary is an overwhelming confiscatory portion of any trade considerations. Any franchise would be trading for more of the name of a Manning rather than a player which has undergone now multiple neck procedures in previous seasons. Manning will turn 36 in March of 2012. Serious thought needs to be undertaken about Manning’s durability moving forward and how much of Peyton’s skill set has diminished as a result of his surgeries.

So which teams could be interested in Manning’s services for the right price?

Washington Redskins- You get the sense that the Washington Redskins’ season is starting to slip away as the injuries continue to mount and the team suffers through another season with poor quarterback play. Does head coach Mike Shanahan get another two seasons in order to develop a rookie quarterback if he finishes this season with another losing record? Would the Redskins be open to bringing in another aging veteran quarterback?

Miami Dolphins- The Dolphins are the most dysfunctional franchise in the league right now. The Miami fan base is thoroughly disgusted this season. If the Dolphins manage to lose out on the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes, would the club want to make a splash by signing the future Hall of Fame quarterback?

Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs looked to be one of the worst teams after the first three weeks of the 2011 regular season, and they remain as a pretty poor team. The Chiefs have to exercise the option on QB Matt Cassel’s contract after this season. Cassel does not look like the same quarterback this season without offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. Remember, the Chiefs are the team which brought Joe Montana on board after the 49ers were done with him.

Arizona Cardinals- Yes, the Cardinals surrendered a lot to secure the services of Philadelphia Eagles backup Kevin Kolb but that experiment has yet to pay dividends. How about a trade of Kolb to the Colts for Manning and draft picks?

New York Jets- Yes, remember the Jets brought veteran Brett Favre on board before drafting Mark Sanchez. If the Jets fail to reach the playoffs this season, could Rex Ryan start feeling some heat? The Jets aren’t afraid to bring in big name players.

Cleveland Browns- The Browns have a ton of draft picks heading into the 2012 NFL Draft after trading down with the Atlanta Falcons this year. The jury remains out on second-year quarterback Colt McCoy and the Browns will likely be well removed from the Andrew Luck chances. The Browns would need to bring in some more play making receivers on offense if they traded for Peyton Manning.







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