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What an awful second half for Philip Rivers and Norv Turner. Turner continues to be one of the worst play callers in football. First, at Miami, he ran Ricky Williams ragged. Now he arrives in San Diego with weapons galore and a young fire balling quarterback and cannot even keep an 11 point lead? The defense of San Diego is hereby excused from the ensuing rant.

Have you ever seen a worse 4-2 team? Chargers fans are going on and on about how they avoided their slow start that has plagued them under Turner, but in reality this team is far, far worse than what we have seen in years past.

This was a team that could barely beat the Dolphins, one that got blown away by the Patriots, and surrender here to the Jets after a stellar game, haplessly leading to collapse. The Chargers barely skated by the Broncos, and today showed their true colors, laying down in a fourth quarter that was not even dominated, but one that the Chargers let slip away too easily.

Why was Norv Turner calling pass plays on first and ten? Does he not trust his breakout RB Ryan Mathews? Does he think that 11 points in insurmountable? Does he even deserve to coach football?

Yes, yes, and no. Turner continued to cal WRl Vincent Jackson’s number, after a break out season has him high on the lists of the WR rankings. The cover guys that had the job of stopping Jackson thus far has not exactly been a murderers row of defensive stoppers. He began with the Vikings, Patriots, Chiefs, Dolphins, and Broncos. Sadly enough, the Chargers had to roar back in week one against the Vikings and had their hands full with Miami.

So why throw the ball into a cornerback group with three first round picks in Darelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, and Kyle Wilson? Why throw it when you are in field goal range? Why keep going to Jackson if he is not making his catches and his targets keep resulting in picks?

This team is loaded and needs to play like one. It does not matter if Norv Turner takes them to the playoffs. He does not deserve to win, and does not deserve a job.




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  1. avatar daniel

    It’s all norv. I really can’t understand why he is still head coach.
    Chargers are great team, just not under Norv Turner.

  2. avatar Gama

    100% agree, as a big fan of this Bolts, we deserve a better results, i’ can’t even compare this with nothing else, i just know how it feels and is awful sensations.

    I just feel sad every week , not because they(the chargers)barely win to weak teams or loose with the big one’s or let go a big and very good franchise players who are glowing big time with other teams,is because they still have a great team to beat any other team in the league, but that just not happen.

    It’s time for the owner’s of this great team to think if this coach deserve his job. And most important, FANS.

    Turner has no balls, has to step away, instead ripped out the team again call another Head coach , anyone else and we will see the difference.

    Yasterday was A BIG SHAME.

  3. avatar Dean Wenzl

    You are absolutely right in all you say. I do believe the league has passed him by as what used to work with the Cowboys does not work today. Besided that, Norv could not motivate some one to cheer if they won a truck load of money. I blame AJ and Dean as how long must Charger fans suffer with good players getting older by the day and having achieved NOTHING!!!!!!!!


  4. avatar robert D. Milholland

    As a Professor Emeritus at NCSU I think Rivers will be in the Hall of Fame, but he is playing worse than his freshman year at State. It seems to me that the Chargers think they are good enough to be really good , but just don”t have the guts(hard nose football) to go out and prove it. They are too much of a Prima Donna. Don’t blame it on the coach. The players win games.

  5. avatar Manning Over Rivers

    Philip Rivers and the Chargers have had some of the best offensive talent in the NFL for a few years yet they can never win. Last year they had the best defense and offense and still did nothing. Norv is the most overrated coach in the NFL, has been for years. I’m a Giants fan and have to say that I’m glad the Giants traded for Manning over Rivers in 2004, look beyond stats and you will find intangibles Eli has which make him perfect for NYC. Wrote an article on it, most agree.

  6. avatar larry dalzell

    The chokers had their best shot at a SB run, 3-4 yrs ago. Norvel, has got to be one of the WORST Head coaches in recent history. I feel the Chokers get all this hyope, ’bout how good they are, Rivers w/his BIG mouth, etc, are never going to go anywhere.


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