By Eric Schmidt

The San Diego Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles are in a race to display which of these teams are the greatest disappointments this year, the Chargers are still in the playoff hunt, the Eagles are all but mathematically removed from playoff consideration.

The Philadelphia Eagles entered this season with huge expectations, and now find themselves with an overall 3-6 record. The Eagles team is quickly falling apart. DB Asante Samuel came out a few weeks ago, calling out the front office. WR DeSean Jackson now decides he wants to sleep through meetings while Michael Vick continues to prove that he was never worth his second $100 million dollar contract.

Things are bad in Philadelphia right now. WR Jeremy Maclin suffered a multiple of injuries yesterday while DeSean Jackson was inactive in a game which the Eagles should have won going away. QB Michael Vick is reported to have suffered two broken ribs. CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie suffered a high ankle sprain against the Cardinals as well.

The Eagles are a mess right now, and I see no way out of this mess other than the retirement/firing of head coach Andy Reid. Look at what has happened under Reid’s tenure the last two seasons-

QB Michael Vick was given another $100 million dollar contract, with $35 million in guaranteed money. What exactly has Vick provided to the Eagles in return? Vick is nothing more than a 50% winning percentage quarterback, he has one touchdown pass this season longer than 11 yards, and he has the equal number of touchdowns and interceptions. Are the reports that Vick held the news of his rib injury from the coaching staff true?

WR DeSean Jackson came out to speak to the media this afternoon and said that fans don’t understand what he is going through in regards to his desire to get a contract extension. Excuse me? Jackson still has his rookie contract and he is making a measly $600,000 dollars. I don’t know how I could get by on such an amount. Your actions are not exactly the blueprint for how to go about receiving a new contract, especially with your lack of action on the field this year.

WR Jeremy Maclin has been diagnosed with a separated AC joint, and likely will not play this coming week against the New York Giants.

DB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has been diagnosed with a high ankle sprain, and injury which can linger for weeks.

While Eagles head coach Andy Reid did not cause or was responsible for these injuries, Reid assembled this team this year. He has built this team through the last two drafts and the free agency process this year. His fingerprints are all over this team, and the ultimate failure of this team has to be placed on his desk. It is time for the Philadelphia Eagles to make the final change on their roster, release head coach Andy Reid.

This is a team which many wanted to award the Super Bowl Trophy to at the start of the regular season, this now appears to be a team which will struggle to win 6 games this year.






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