By Eric Schmidt

One month ago, the Miami Dolphins were struggling to find a way to win games, now they have just won three games in a row and has head coach Tony Sparano done enough to save his job? The Miami Dolphins were in the QB Andrew Luck Sweepstakes just a month ago, but they appear to have found a solid option under center, QB Matt Moore.

Despite starting the season 0-7, the Dolphins were not a terrible team, losing three of those games by just three points. The team has continued to play hard for head coach Sparano down the line and now they find themselves winners of their third straight game after dismantling the Buffalo Bills 35-8 yesterday.

The Dolphins were a team which struggled to score offensive points and now has racked up 86 points in the last three games. The defense has stepped up as well, yielding just 20 points in those games as well. You can make an argument that the Dolphins haven’t played the toughest of opponents in this stretch, but just a month ago, we were discussing whether or not the Dolphins would even record one win this season.

Miami is now just the third NFL team in league history to win three straight games after starting the season 0-7.

Two players have really helped to spur this win streak for the Miami Dolphins. RB Reggie Bush and QB Matt Moore. Bush has found the endzone four times in the Dolphins last three games. Missing from the Miami offense at the start of the season, Bush has found his groove in November.

QB Matt Moore’s performance has been more than impressive. Starting with their first win of the season in Kansas City, Moore has been electric for the Dolphins offense. He is not racking up huge yardage totals, but he is scoring touchdowns. Moore has thrown¬† three touchdowns twice in the current streak and has passer ratings of 147/.5 (against Kansas City) and 133.3 (against Buffalo).

These players never quit on Tony Sparano. The suddenly surging Dolphins now travel to Dallas on a short week after the Cowboys struggled to win on the road in Washington. If the Dolphins upset the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day in front of a national audience, head coach Tony Sparano might just save his job for 2012.




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  1. avatar URIDOLP2011

    I was very hard on this team because they easily could be 6-2, but that was past and the main thing is that coaches and players have not quit.
    Even when noone had faith in this team.
    I knew that if some suggested adjustment were maded, this team is where it need to be. Three wins in a row.
    Reality is that the pieces on this team are comming together and there not going back to the way it was. And attitude and tenpo reflect the true character of this Dolphin team that dessert to be respected and admired.
    The main thing is that this team,the way is playing right now, CAN BEAT any team in the NFL.
    My sincere congratulations to coaches Sparano, Nolan,offensive cord, and the rest of the sttaff. You guys had done e terrific job and you must maintain FOCUS, CONFIDENCE,and PREPARATION to be Dallas on Thursday.
    The reality is that this team cannot afford to lose any game if there will be a chance for a post season. No matter what happens, the FOCUS NEED TO BE, WIN ALL THE GAMES, and will see what happens at the end.
    YOU guys CAN DO IT if all of you commit the way allof you are doing it right now. IS THAT SIMPLE. After going through 7 loses and be where you are now, the OBJECTIVE must be WINNING until the end, playoffs o nor playoffs.
    It is so exiting to watch this Dolphin team playing aggressive, players focus in their individual tasks, Offensive line solid and protective for Moore to deliver with confindent, the defense solid, and just giving up 8 points. It is just terrific, you guys had earned with a lot merit.
    I know is a very short week and DALLAS will present a different chalenge.
    In the DEFENSE, this team need to harras Romo constantly to force hin into mistakes, take out the TE Whitman that is a key player, and close the wall to the running game.
    On the OFFENSE, the key is PROTECTION, PROTECTION,mix plays with different personnel, Bush attacking on both sides, use trick plays to keep unavalance the Dallas Offense.
    THe offinsive line must neutrilize DE WARE, this guy is a force that can disrut Moore ability to pass efectively.
    I belived tha Moore need to work harder in his quick relieve especially when teams are going to blizz more, since they already know he is on target and confortable with the entire offense.
    Quick relieve is critical at the shoutgun position to avoid any sacks, especially when you need to score quickly using the side lines.
    REMENBER. EVERY points count, EVERY DRIVE should target at least a field goal.
    DO NOT slow down for any reason. Change personnel if certain plays are not working.
    You GUYS can REST when the GAME is over.

    • avatar Daddythin

      I am without question one of the biggest Miami Dolphin’s period. One does not have to go balistic in order to clarify. URIDOLP2011, thank you for your comments, and I agree with you almost 100%. May I ask you one thing though, please check what you write for misspelled words. We Dolphin fans don’t need to look as though we flunked “sandbox.” Will we make errors? Yes, of course! Ask the Miami organization. Our chances of beating Dallas in a couple of days are as good as ever. All we ask our team to do is: STAY FOCUSED! Yes, Moore needs a quicker “release,” but everyone can’t be Dangerous Dan Marino. Make the proper compensation in his protection, and let the man do what he does best – read coverage and make the right decision on his deliverance.


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