By Eric Schmidt

Last week, former Denver Broncos QB Jake Plummer called out current Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow, saying he wanted him to lay off the religious references that Tebow makes during any camera time. That created a small firestorm of controversy which Tim Tebow responded to during the ESPN show “First Take”.

For some reason, 102.3 The Ticket in Denver thought it would be a great idea to get Plummer back on the air and continue this back and forth banter. Tebow has told Skip Bayless on the ESPN program in response to the question regarding Plummers comments to lay off the religious talk saying in short that he loves Jesus in the same manner that a man loves his wife.

Appearing on the radio program again this morning, Plummer couldn’t hold back when asked about Tim Tebow’s response. When asked about the southpaw’s comments about his relationship with Jesus being similar to a husband and a wife, Plummer responded, “Yeah, but if I jumped up and after every game and said ‘First and foremost I want to thank and say I love my wife’, people would get tired of hearing that too. Even my wife would get sick of that”.

Two quick things come to mind here-

First. Why is Jake Plummer getting air time talking about this and who really cares about his take on the Denver Broncos? Plummer has not played for the Broncos since 2006, did nothing in his career with the franchise and was eventually benched. He threw away his career after being traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and when he wasn’t simply handed the starting job, retired to play handball.

Second. Jake Plummer was charged with sexual abuse on May 28, 1997 and had to strike a plea deal to get out of the accused crime, receiving a $1,020.00 fine, two-years of probation and 100 hours of community service.Quite the role model.

If you want to hear any of this interview, you can catch it right here. Other than finding his way back into the national spotlight by making outlandish statements, Plummer should be irrelevant to the game of football, or even anyone needing to hear his opinions, he quit.




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Readers Comments (18)

  1. avatar wayne

    I think Tebow does it to reassure himself.

  2. avatar Barney Westerman

    Jake Who??

  3. avatar Joe

    Jake Plummer is just jealous that he didn’t get any publicity cuz he was an average quarterback on a shitty team.

  4. avatar John Wilson

    Jake Plummer is envious of a young player that has class and love for Jesus Christ.
    A Player that is a great example to young boys and girls all over the world.

    Meanwhile Jake Plummer is a convicted criminimal of a crime that is not what you want to talk about. He needs to tend to his own problems and let Tebow live his life as a Christian.

    • avatar John Delaney

      Great comment John. Jake is displaying the same traits he always has… selfishness and envy.

      It’s none of Jake’s business how Tebow lives his life and what he says – on air or off air.

  5. avatar Johnny

    People just can’t stand it. It’s not that Tebow is doing anything wrong, it’s because he is doing it right and it shows everybody else wrong. Sorry Plummer, get over it and remind us, where are you in the NFL????

  6. avatar Mike D

    Jake Plummer needs to get a Life better Yet, He needs Prayer!!!!!!! If only He
    had an Ounce of The Class That This Young
    Man Posesses!!!!!!

  7. avatar Tony

    Thats real talk Eric.

  8. avatar rigleythedog

    At least Tim has a spirituality, Jake is nothing but a snake, only interested in himself. It’s pretty bad when th Card’s got rid of his worthless ass!

    • avatar anthony

      Hey, Jake Quitter’s never WIN and Winners never QUIT, YOU LOSER

  9. avatar Bigcat

    I agree with Jake 100%. Just play football and keep your private thoughts and beliefs to yourself.

  10. avatar Carlos

    Really? That was it? Jake the Snake totally had a “that dude’s gay; he loves Jesus like a wife?” joke going and he completely missed it. What an idiot.

    He is actually very stupid, though. It’s kind of Tebow’s choice, but whatever.

  11. avatar spaceman

    There is a reason why people in Denver called him “Jake the Flake.”

  12. avatar ruperto munoz

    Jake the fake doesn’t know anything about giving praise for all your accomplishment since he never accomplished anything in Denver but disgrace. Tebow you can give praise to the Lord in a secluded area after the game like it should be done. Yes Jake the fake has the runs but vocal, cause nothing but caca comes out of it.

  13. avatar Greg Hall

    The Lord wants us to give praise in everything that we do and that is what Tebow is doing. We can do it in public or in private. I think thats a humbling thing that Tebow is doing right now. Im sure that Tebow is praying for Plummer and all the people who is doubting him now.

  14. avatar mike Ross

    jake the snake would still be in denver if had not worried so much when jay cutler was drafted. you had your chance jake. now its tebow s job we are praying for jake

  15. avatar s mackey

    It seems to me it is okay to exhibit any other behavior except acknowledging God and Jesus – but those who don’t want to praise the Lord on earth certainly don’t want to go to heaven where praise will be happening continuously!


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