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Ndamakong Suh has been suspended two games by Roger Goodell for his actions on Thanksgiving Day as the Detroit Lions lost to the Green Bay Packers, clearly proving that he still just doesn’t get it.

Tim Tebow, while battling through countless critics and lack of support from his own organization even after going 5-1 and keeping the Denver Broncos in the playoff picture, apparently does get it.

Perhaps before Suh decides to commit yet another stupid and dirty act on the football field, he should ask himself one simple question?

What would Tebow do?

I know, I know. It sounds stupid. And yes, it is a rip off of another similar phrase that people live by. But I am not going to push religion on anyone. I don’t feel that people should push their beliefs and opinions on others unless they ask, so while I will not push Suh into accepting a religious adviser to change his ways, maybe he could just take a look at possibly the cleanest living player in the NFL today, and consider what Tebow would do before he steps on somebody next time around.

Suh should ask what would Tebow do?

Maybe the suspension will change Suh. Clearly, taking penalties that cost his team field position and possibly even wins and paying fines has done nothing to shape him as an NFL player. Hopefully, having to sit out two huge games as his teammates fight to keep the Lions’ postseason hopes alive will sink in with Suh.

If not, maybe he should forget about calling Goodell and asking for clarification on NFL rules and regulations.

Maybe he should make a different call to the Broncos quarterback and ask how he should act on the field.

Because let’s face facts. Whatever you think of Suh as a player while he is on the field, he always seems to say the right things off of the gridiron. He is certainly not a stupid man. He is very well spoken and conducts himself well off the field. But something seems to go off in his head that changes him when he is chasing a quarterback or running back or battling with an offensive lineman.

Whether it is anger management or if he just needs to learn to stop once he hears the whistle, something needs to change, or Suh will find himself on the sidelines for more than two games after another incident. This was a message sent directly by Goodell that Suh needs to clean up his act immediately, or he can clear out his locker as he will receive quite a lengthy suspension from the commissioner.

That is something that Tebow has nothing to worry about.






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