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Many fans, analysts, and columnists saw the Buffalo Bills as a mediocre team at best searching hard for the next decade to reach .500. Here we are past the halfway point of the season and the resurgent Bills will likely be neck and neck with the New England Patriots for the division title. This is a considerable comparison to the 2008 Miami Dolphins.

Can the Bills sustain years of this type of production? Or will the Bills equal the Dolphins free fall into dreadfulness, much like Coach Tony Sparano’s teams have in these formative years under his regime. Certainly the Bills fans had no realistic expectations to be where they are now, but with an offense behind emerging starts in QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, RB Fred Jackson, and WR Stevie Johnson, the team has the trappings to build an elite offense if their line can continue to protect the ball long enough for these skill players to continue their impact.

Right now Fred Jackson has been the best back in the league, or close to it, running hard between the tackles, dipping, dodging, and sifting his way through hapless defenders on outside runs, and has been essential in the screen game, solidifying himself as the top dual threat back right now. WR Stevie Johnson continues to be as clutch as they come, with relative no names waiting in the wings to step up and make a difference – just ask the Oakland Raiders.

The Buffalo Bills had little confidence from the outside world, but after a series of tough wins, namely a blow to Tom Brady and his New England Patriots, picking him off four times.

Meanwhile, the New York Jets personify the obnoxious guise that the entire world despises about New York. Coach Rex Ryan consistently makes bold predictions at the beginning of the season, and attacks other teams with verbal idiocy during it. With Jets QB Mark Sanchez performing dreadfully and having serious issues establishing a connection with star receivers Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes, The Jets are looking at a team who’s window may have expired as quickly as the food for thought Coach Ryan spews weekly has.

The acquisition of RB LaDanian Tomlinson seems to be lightning in a bottle at this point, with Tomlinson and feature RB Shonn Greene failing to deliver despite an offense line brimming with talent behind star C Nick Mangold. Some ill informed fans figured this team would not have any drop off after losing superstar G Alan Faneca and RT Damien Woody. This team figures to have their best days behind them, but there is no telling what they can accomplish should their defense reach back to their form of the previous few years and QB Mark Sanchez build on what looked to be a promising skill set come draft time.

Until then, barring a revert to 2010 for either the Bills or the Jets, look for Buffalo to keep their intelligent offense behind the Harvard star Fitzpatrick and pick off Sanchez at least once.

My pick: Buffalo maintains their momentum and the Jets gain none after their lucky win against languishing QB Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers. The Bills win this game by between 3-8 points.




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