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Peyton Manning trade rumors are already heating up as the Indianapolis Colts continue on their ‘Suck for Luck’ campaign. The Colts are well on their way to losing all 16 games this season and securing the No. 1 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. That would enable them to take the most NFL-ready college quarterback to come out of the draft in many years, Stanford Cardinal signal caller Andrew Luck.

That would also put them in the position to trade Manning to another team next offseason, provided he makes a full recovery from a handful of neck surgeries over the past year and a half. The Colts can send Manning to another team and make Luck their future franchise quarterback and play him immediately.

Just one question.

Are you serious?

Manning isn’t going anywhere! That would be insane. The Colts would have to be bat-crap-crazy to trade Manning, especially before seeing Luck play one down in the NFL. Yes, he is 35-years-old, and yes he is coming off of a few scary surgeries, but under no circumstances do you trade one of the best quarterbacks in professional football history while he may still have three or four Pro-Bowl caliber seasons left. It doesn’t make any sense.

I have said in the past that I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Colts have tanked this entire 2011 NFL season. Indianapolis definitely wants to receive the first overall pick in next April’s draft. But what they do with that pick remains to be seen. I also broke the news that former Colts’ head coach Tony Dungy also suggested that the team trades Manning and draft Luck.

I am not buying into any of that talk.

The only other jersey besides the Colts one that Manning should be wearing is the AFC Pro-Bowl one for a few years to come.

I will admit that I have gone on record as saying that I believe that Luck will be a very solid NFL quarterback. But I have been wrong before. So have many scouts and general managers who have invested a ton in a college quarterback, only to have them let them down and set back the franchise for many years to come.

Still not sold? Alright.

Jamarcus Russell.

Ryan Leaf.

Tim Couch.

Akili Smith.

Rick Mirer.

Heath Shuler.

Andre Ware.

Art Schlicter.

Do those names ring a bell? Well, they should, as all were projected to be great starting quarterbacks after enjoying success at the collegiate level. None of them panned out to be anything more than a huge bust and wasted money.

I am not saying that Luck will be one of those future busts.

But you just never know. You don’t trade Manning – a proven winner – to draft a kid who hasn’t taken a snap at the NFL level.

Drafting Luck would not be the worst thing for the Colts. Keep Manning, and Luck could learn under one of the best.

The Colts could also trade the first overall pick for a king’s ransom to a team in dire need of a quarterback, which is basically half of the league right now. That could give them the picks and players to surround Manning with some actual talent, which he has clearly been playing without for the past few seasons.

But trading No. 18 is the wrong decision.






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  1. avatar Archie Manning

    shouldn’t there be a penalty for a team tanking their season just to get the first pick in the draft? that would be an NFL low if they let them get away with that!


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