By Eric Schmidt

According to the New York Times, Penn State University is planning to remove Joe Paterno, as soon as possibly in a few days, Mark Viera is reporting this afternoon. With the biggest press conference of his 46-year coaching career scheduled for this afternoon, Penn State canceled the event just prior to it’s scheduled start time of 12:30pm EST.

According to Mr. Viera, the Penn State University Board of Trustees have begun discussions about the removal of Joe Paterno as head coach. Although Paterno has not been implicated in any criminal charges by state officials, this now transcends any legal issues and whether or not Paterno did what he was required to do, but it has moral and ethical implications.

This will be an unfortunate end to what was a legendary career by Mr. Paterno, but the University has no other option. The University must clean house immediately. Every member of the coaching staff must go and Penn State must replace them with a totally new regime and new direction.

This is just going to be the tip of the iceberg of this story and Penn State drug their feet for several years and this makes the university look horrible in their lack of action. Paterno, 84, will now be forever linked to this sickening string of events.





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