By Eric Schmidt

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris still believes that his club can still win 10 games this season. Someone should get Mr. Morris a hat to wear during practice because the Florida sun is getting to him. The Buccaneers are in the middle of a four-game losing streak and have dropped five of their last six contests.

Raheem Morris points to this year’s schedule being the reason the Buccaneers have struggled but the truth of the matter is, this Tampa Bay team has struggled against good teams under Morris’ tenure. In the last two seasons, Tampa dominates against teams with losing records, going 11-1 in those matchups but is only 3-11 against teams with winning records.

Speaking to the media, Morris said he believes the Buccaneers can win their remaining games and finish the season 10-6. “I told them we have six more and….we’ve got to knock off one at a time. You got to play each game and there’s still time to get hot. We can still finish with the same record we had last year if we got our minds right and we go out and play hard and fast, physical and smart. Those are things that can happen for us. We’ve got to go out there and think that way every time we go out there”, said Morris.

Having watched every Buccaneers game this season, I have no reason to think that this team will win all six of their remaining games. While some will point to the Buccaneers schedule getting easier down the stretch, I will point to the defense and ask the question of how is this defense which has been abused over the last six games, suddenly going to get much better?

The penalties continue. The tackling continues to stink. The pass rush is non existent. The jury is still out on the linebacking corps.

Don’t point to the Green Bay Packers game and consider that a moral victory either. A loss is a loss whether it’s by 45 points, 9 points or one point. I do not subscribe to the theory of a ‘good loss’.

There are going to be some serious questions at the conclusion of the regular season which will need to be addressed by the Buccaneers.





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  1. avatar rich9336

    Morris should be tested for drug abuse.He is on something and it’s not gator aid!


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