By Eric Schmidt

Well what else is new? Another Friday, and another announcement that Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson will not play yet again this week. That is fantastic news (inject massive sarcasm here). Another week with Johnson on my team without the ability to drop him in the league I play in because he was ranked heading into the regular season as one of the top five players at his position.

During my draft, I really wanted to select Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson, as I predicted the Lions would be a vastly improved team this season, but there was the underlying issue regarding Lions QB Matthew Stafford and if he could remain upright for the season. So, I skipped over Calvin Johnson, and selected the other Johnson, Andre instead. I should have gone with my gut, instead of the “smart” pick.

He has provided me nothing this season in my money league. Along with the Texans wide receiver which patrols the sidelines on Sunday, I also had the great fortune of selecting San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers as my lead quarterback. I thought I had a steal with Lions RB Jahvid Best in the 8th-round. Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB LeGarrette Blount was available in the 7th-round.

They all sounded like great picks at the moment. What an insanely crazy season for fantasy football.




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