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It is incredible what a team can do if their offensive line protects their quarterback.

QB Jay Cutler has been repeatedly mauled by defenses on all three levels for the last two years, and is finally getting the protection he deserves. The result is a two dimensional offensive attack that is supplemented by their stellar defense and special teams. With the offensive line finally picking up their end of the bargain, RB Matt Forte is seeing the daylight he has been searching for, and Jay Cutler has not needed to scramble late to find a way back into the game.

The defensive lines must be honest, with Forte a dual threat back, and now with Cutler able to find his way around the backfield and throw his balls into open spaces, he is more than capable of leading the Chicago Bears to the postseason.

Cutler has the cannon for an arm and the ability to make all the NFL throws, and while he does not necessarily have a true game-breaker at WR, he has the defense and the running game to supplement his passing skills.

The difference between the beat down taken and the beat down handed to the Detroit Lions last Sunday was the containing of budding stars DT Ndamukong Suh and DE Kyle Vanden Bosch. The Lions defensive line had wrought havoc upon the Bears and this time around Cutler was given enough time to at least step up and make a great throw.

Adding to the woes of the Lions is the stellar play of who will go down as the greatest return man ever from my very own University of Miami in KR Devin Hester and the Lions had a recipe for destruction. Every time Hester scores, there comes the debate at whether a kick returner could become a Hall of Famer.

You would think punters would learn by now.

If the pass blocking can do its job, the Bears can win any game they step up in. With the Green Bay Packers fitting to have an undefeated regular season, the Bears will look to make that first wild card spot and hit some guys hard, well on their way to staring down Green Bay in a fate driven rematch.





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