By Eric Schmidt

Let’s be really honest here. The Indianapolis Colts winless season is historic. Obviously because Peyton Manning is out for the season. And, also because head coach Jim Caldwell is no Tony Dungy. But, and I’m still keeping it real, something seems really, really odd. How can a team implode from the absence of one man? A team that in the last decade has produced multiple Pro Bowlers?

Could the Fall Of The Colts be an inside diss to Peyton Manning?

I write this, because throughout the years, I’ve read about Manning in several media forms (digital, print). I’ve never met the man, but, from what I can gather from what I’ve read about, Manning seems to be an intense, control freak of an athlete. It was written in an article a few years ago that while the Colts were in¬†Florida for their first Super Bowl in the Manning era (Colts-Bears), Manning ordered Colts brass to ban kids from all of the hotel floors where the Colts players stayed, because he didn’t want kids to distract him from game play studies.

To add to that, recent comments from the like of Phil Simms makes you wonder not only if Manning pretty much took control of the Colts franchise, but when. Simms talked last week about how Manning was actually running the offenses practices. It seems that Manning may have pretty much taken over operations for the team.

So, it may not be so far fetched to say that the other Colts may be tanking this season in an effort to say “screw you” to the overly controlling Manning. Think about it. Why would a defense that, while not built to play from behind, all of a sudden forget how to tackle? Why would offensive stars like Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, and others suddenly forget how to win? Could it be that they’ve all simply just given up?

Or…could it be that the rest of the Colts players are taking this season to 1. get Peyton out of there, and 2. force the Colts hand to draft that Luck kid? The entire theory I’ve put out there is just that, a theory. I could be wayyyy off.

But, there’s no denying something’s wayyyy off with the Indianapolis Colts.




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  1. avatar Pierre Gontoolua

    definitely true im a big colts fan and i agree there is no way they can lose all these games not on purpose. hopefully Luck(andrew) will bring has last name to this horrific team

    • avatar chuck

      It makes you wonder if they aren’t just trowing the season knowing well that Peyton Manning isn’t going to return this season. With Indianapolis’ luck remeber the brian Bosworth deal he decides not to play with Indianapolis & goes to Seattle instead, re: John Elway same story. Makes you wonder where their heads are.


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