By Eric Schmidt

The San Francisco 49ers suffered just their second loss of the season last night at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens, managing to score only 6 points. It is apparent that the San Francisco 49ers need another wide receiver, why not bring in veteran WR Terrell Owens?

It’s an all but forgone conclusion that the 49ers will win the NFC West this season, they have a very favorable schedule moving forward. However, the Ravens were able to highlight some of the shortcomings of the Niners last night and one of those holes is the lack of another receiver to play opposite of Michael Crabtree. Braylon Edwards is not going to be the answer. The San Francisco offense is missing WR Josh Morgan.

The Niners offense will roll through four of their five remaining games of the season with two games against the St. Louis Rams and one each against the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals, but they are not built to come from behind. The Niners will have to be able to come from behind against higher level opponents in the playoffs. They are a great team playing with the lead, possessing a smothering defense and solid running game, but this not currently a team built to come back from a 14-point deficit without the addition of another target for QB Alex Smith.

The Niners would be wise this week to bring in veteran WR Terrell Owens for a workout. The division title will go to the Niners and why not bring in Owens this week, if he is in shape, sign him and let him learn the offense in the final few weeks of the season? He would not be a large monetary risk and he could help the Niners in the playoffs. Braylon Edwards is not the answer for the Niners.






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  1. avatar Bug

    I’m was thinking the samething….Braylon Edwards is not the answer. GO GET T.O.!!

  2. avatar D-Nice

    I TOTALLY AGREE!! It want be a bad ideal at all, you could get him cheap plus that’ll be perfect for him to end with the team he came in with. The only question is will the 9er nation except him and will he mind not getting the ball knowing this a run first offense. But i love this idea because he dont only bring skills and knowledge of a west coast offense but he bring passion.

  3. avatar mudshark

    T.O. is not the answer either. He hears the footsteps.

  4. avatar mudshark

    I’ve seen T.O. drop far to many for him to be considered a viable option, that, and every team he goes to, he ruins. Yes, the guy has talent. But he’s not a team player. He wouldn’t fit in this teams mindset. He would only cause disruption.

  5. avatar Kevin lee

    i totally agree with mudshark. He has been a canser in every locker room he’s ever been in and his deminished skills are not worth the risk. Good luck getting him to block downfield for gore…… Man I miss Josh!

  6. avatar Alfonso Garcia

    I think T.O would do more than Edwards, T.O still got Skills

  7. avatar oscar duran

    T.O.coming back maybe??? Might be good could be bad!Hes got bad history in San Fran as it is!!!

  8. avatar G locs

    Let’s be real folks. True B. Edwards is not the answer and probably played the worst game of his life on turkey day and when he has played this year it’s been a little like trying to find waldo when looking for his highlight reels or find him on a stat sheet…unless you are looking in the drops column. However, that seems to remind me of someone else…hmmm…oh yeah T.O! Let me just add that T.O hasn’t played in almost a year for a reason, he made a name for himself on one catch in a game where he dropped everything else (making his catch so important) rhythm and timing are essential in the west coast offense and the playoffs would be here before that showed up, and T.O would only be happy in Indianapolis (the team with the most I’s). Alex is better off tucking the ball and running, especially if he sees Lee Suggs and the Ravens anytime soon

  9. avatar yaboi dre

    yes they should bring him in that would be more power to 49ers offense


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