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Washington Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall runs his mouth as much as any player in the National Football League today. When he isn’t talking about how he is going to take a cheap shot against a quarterback or fighting with an opposing head coach or saying how he needs more money and better talent in the defensive backfield, he is telling his team to do something unheard of in many circles.

Following another loss for the Redskins, which marked their sixth consecutive loss, Hall gave the media and the team after Washington lost in overtime to the Dallas Cowboys one simple message.

Cut me.

“The way I’m playing right now, they need to go and cut me, because I’m definitely not worth what I’m getting,” Hall said, according to The AP. “It’s frustrating.” Then, while not completely backing off of that sentiment, Hall hoped that the team would reconsider his earlier suggestion.

“Hopefully they see something in me and bring me back next year. But the way things are going right now, I’m definitely not playing up to par.”

Hall said that he is playing so poorly that the Redskins should cut him.

I have never truly been a fan of Hall’s, for so many reasons. He is a big mouth who rarely backs up his words. But I have to say that I actually give him a little bit of credit for coming out and admitting that he is not playing up to his contract.

After all, how many players actually play up to their worth? Maybe a very small fraction, yet none of them come out and say that in public that they are just cashing game check after game check without making any major contributions to their team.

Granted, I pull back some of that credit, because it is not as if the Redskins are going to cut a player just because he says he is not performing well. Not only would that be strange at this point, and nearly impossible for personnel reasons, but there is this thing called a salary cap, and it would be highly unlikely the team would ever consider releasing Hall at this point in the season, considering the financial implications.

In this case, Hall knows that the team isn’t going to cut him. Granted, he did allow a key overtime reception to Dez Bryant that led to Dallas winning the game, ultimately. But as much as I hate to defend Hall, you can’t exactly pin this entire loss on him.

When a team loses six straight games, it is rarely the fault of just one player.

Even Hall.








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  1. avatar MR. D fromDC

    D Hall should stop playing all the WR
    the same way

  2. avatar Jack Dillon

    I agree. I’ve never been a fan either for the same reasons. I’m sure he would not be interested in taking a pay cut though. He drew praises from the announcers for having a good game ( he had 2 break-ups, & 1 pick ).By HIS standards it was a good game. His normal outing consist of watching recievers catch passes and then MAYBE making a tackle. If you want to do something with Hall, put him on special teams and start someone else at DB. At lease it will shut his mouth…..maybe !


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