By Eric Schmidt

A word to Washington Redskin head coach Mike Shanahan, you really shouldn’t drink before conducting pressers. This afternoon, Shanahan told reporters that QB Rex Grossman will be the starter moving forward, but what was really disturbing to Redskin fans, was that Shanahan said that Grossman was “impressive” in the Redskins 20-9 loss yesterday.

Shanahahn told reporters this afternoon, “Rex is going to be our quarterback. When you go with a veteran quarterback, it’s pretty easy, and usually that situation stays pretty much the same. I was impressed with the way he played, the way he handled himself. We had only nine points, but nine points goes to a collective group”.

Yes, 9 points does go to a collective group Mr. Shanahan, as does one touchdown scored in the last three games the Washington Redskins have scored. Your prompt removal from the Washington Redskins coaching staff at the conclusion will be greatly appreciated in early January. Thank you for your failed 32 game effort, move along now.






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  1. avatar vernon butler

    What is Mike talking about, he was impressed by Rex. The guy throws to the other team every game. This is the guy that threw Donovan under the bus. As a fan I am tied of being lied to, I knew last year this team was in rebuild mode and yet Mike Shanahan say he would put his reputation on the abilities of his two quarterbacks. They both stink, they are turnover machines. Mike,” Come on man ” we know good football and we haven’t seen it in years, just tell us the truth so we can better deal with the Bad times.

  2. avatar Willis

    Finally, someone with the right idea. You only forgot one thing, he should take his son with him when he leaves.

    • avatar Styler

      Ain’t that the truth. Shanny needs the boot and Grossman too!

    • avatar trueskinsfan

      the play calling is horrible. give jr a one way ticket to somewhere else but daddy will never fire his baby boy


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