By Eric Schmidt

In yet another example of the massive hype which surrounds the NFL, were you aware that Jim and John Harbaugh are actually brothers which coach NFL teams? For the short week leading up to last night’s game, all of the pre-game last night, during the broadcast and all of the re-cap of the game today- you’ve likely been made aware of this fact more than once, or perhaps 30-plus times.

Memo to the NFL Network last night- 97.9% of the viewing public which watched last night’s game were very much aware of the fact that San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh are brothers. Call be stupid, but perhaps the last name gave it away early on.

I could have done with a little less of the coverage of the brothers last night, the interview with the dad, the over-hype on that angle. Enough with the cheesy taglines- Har-Bowl, the Bros-Bowl. Enough already.

Yes, the meeting was historic in NFL history, but there was really no need to grind this fact into the NFL viewing public over and over and over. I can only imagine what the media will do if Rob Ryan ever becomes a head coach and he squares off in a game against his brother Rex Ryan which coaches in the largest media market of the country. The hype will be unbearable since the media loves these two siblings.

Some media reports I watched this morning even covered the fact that the two brothers hugged after last night’s game. This is news? They are brothers, what did you expect-punches thrown?

I love the NFL but the coverage of some of these storylines are way over the top.




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