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The BCS Standings will be released on Sunday night, and these will be the final rankings that will dictate which schools go to compete in which bowl games. But if they are going to end up like many people fear, then Championship Weekend will mean absolutely nothing on Friday and Saturday, because everyone has already made up their minds that we are going to be forced to watch another LSU vs. Alabama snoozer for the National Championship.

It is amazing to me that a team who already lost to LSu – at home, by the way – and does not even reach its’ own conference championship game, will likely get a second shot to take on LSU for the title. Rick Reilly of ESPN equated that to Rick Perry withdrawing from the primaries and then going up against President Barack Obama. He makes an excellent point. Alabama had their chance, and it is time for a new challenger to step forward and be given an opportunity.

If not, then we are saying that this final regular season weekend is pointless. Why are we playing the games, if a shot at the National Championship is not even at stake? If Alabama is already in, and if many people feel that even if LSU somehow loses to Georgia on Saturday afternoon that they still remain in the top two, why don’t we just skip ahead a few weeks?

I know that the top two teams in the country are supposed to play for the title, but in a system so flawed, such is the case with college football, shouldn’t we at least tweak a few things to give another team a shot? This BCS nonsense has done nothing but create more controversy.

I’m not even going to get into the whole playoff thing again. I’m sick of explaining such simple ways how the NCAA could keep their bowls, keep their sponsors and money involved yet still switch to at least an eight or sixteen team playoff. It is a moot point.

Nobody outside of Tuscaloosa wants to see an LSU/Alabama rematch for the National Championship.

I understand that the Crimson Tide have had an excellent season, with their only loss coming at home in overtime against the Tigers last month. In a perfect world, they could prove themselves in the postseason and reach the title game, and perhaps even face the Tigers again. That would be fine with me.

But the BCS is far from ideal, so the Tide should roll in to some other BCS game, and let LSU face someone else in the BCS Championship Game.

But if not Alabama, then who?

To me, the most natural choice is the Oklahoma State Cowboys, who also lost just one game, but hold a handful of impressive victories in 2011. Yes, their one loss came to a horrible Iowa State team who entered the game as almost a four touchdown underdog. Now I am not one to make excuses, but if ever there was a time to do so, then it was for the Cowboy in that game. The school suffered its’ second fatal plane crash in just over a decade, losing its’ two top women’s college basketball coaches the night before. Clearly, their heads were not in the game from the beginning. Other than that, they have defeated Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Kansas State and other competitive teams in the Big 12.

Of course, to give my argument a fighting chance, they must first also defeat Oklahoma in the Bedlam Bowl Saturday night. If they do not win that game, then they would of course remove themselves from the running.

Stanford would be next on the list, but they also did not win enough big games, and also failed to reach their conference championship game due to a blowout loss at the hands of the Oregon Ducks. I would still rather see them play LSU than Alabama, but cannot make the argument for the Cardinal.

Virginia Tech also has one loss entering the ACC Championship Game Saturday against Clemson, but their schedule was also fairly weak. The Hokies’ only loss came at the hands of the Tigers earlier in the season, 23-3, so they are looking to avenge that loss this weekend. Beating Miami and Georgia Tech just didn’t mean that much this season.

I may as well make the case for Boise State, who also lost just one game by one point. But they play in the Mountain West, and the only decent team they beat was Georgia. But if Georgia beats LSU on Saturday, then, well, never mind. Moving on…

Although they have not defeated one ranked team the entire season, and also haven’t lost a game all season, I would rather see the undefeated Houston Cougars take on LSU for the championship before Alabama. Case Keenum going up against that incredible Tigers’ defense could be fun to watch.

Deep down, I already know the outcome of the final BCS Standings, which is truly a same. It basically says that Alabama will get another shot at LSU for the National Championship, even though their season is already over. Forget about the Pac 12 Championship tonight between Oregon and UCLA. Forget about the Big 10 Championship game tomorrow between Wisconsin and Michigan State. Forget about the ACC Championship and the Bedlam Bowl.

Clearly, those games mean very little.

And if LSU is already more or less guaranteed a spot in the BCS Championship Game against, then their SEC Championship game means nothing tomorrow either. The Tigers can still lose and it will cost them nothing.

Just like when Alabama lost to LSU earlier this season.

It meant absolutely nothing.






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