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Indianapolis Colts fans may want to face the potentially devastating news now about what they could see on the field in 2012. Could the Colts head into the 2012 NFL season without quarterback Peyton Manning as well as wide receiver Reggie Wayne?

You may not want to hear it, Colts fans, but it could very well happen.

As strange as it sounds and as inconceivable as it once seemed, the Colts could trade Manning to the highest bidder this offseason. While it is still insane to me, it could happen. If the San Francisco 49ers could trade Joe Montana to the Kansas City Chiefs, then anything is possible.

That includes dealing No. 18 to another team to pave the way for the future. More specifically, Andrew Luck.

But does that mean that if Manning goes, then Wayne would follow him right out the door?

Could No. 18 and No. 87 be playing with new teams in 2012?

Unlike Manning, Wayne is not under contract after this season. When asked if tonight’s contest against the Houston Texans – one in which the Colts are expected to get blown out in – could be his final home game with Indy, he didn’t pull any punches.

“Well, it could,” Wayne told a reporter on Wednesday. I am well aware of that, and I’ve come to the conclusion that, in every athlete’s career, they are going to be faced with this decision at some point in time, whether it is a long career or a short career.”

The Colts are a terrible football team without Manning. They appeared to have mailed it in by the third or fourth week of the season in order to have the best shot at drafting Luck with the No. 1 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. They were able to surprisingly win their first game of this season last Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, which now puts them just one game ahead of the St. Louis Rams and Minnesota Vikings with two games remaining in the regular season.

If the Colts lose out, then they are guaranteed to secure the first overall selection. If they beat the Texans tonight or the Jacksonville Jaguars next Sunday, then they run the risk of falling to the second or third pick, so don’t expect any more victories from Indianapolis this season.

Watching the Colts play game without Manning this season has been quite strange.

Watching them play in 2012 without Manning and Wayne would be almost impossible to imagine.

Especially considering that if it were to happen, Manning would be wearing another uniform, and not be wandering the sidelines in Lucas Stadium.





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  1. avatar Mike Sechrist

    Put the napkin around your neck and pull up to the table nice and close. Its time for you to eat a whole pot of CROW. Your comment about mailing it in by week 3 is ignorant of the facts. 6 of the 13 losses were by 8 points or less. Doesn’t sound like the Colts were mailing it in to me. Your inept attempt at sensationalism has only exposed you as the sports know nothing that you are.


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