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Certainly in his days at the University of Florida, Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow was a perennial winner. He would find ways to score, find ways to complete passes despite his unorthodox style, run with purpose, and fight till the end. Tim Tebow is doing the same thing in the NFL in his second season as Coach John Fox’s choice QB, and has his Broncos winning ugly, but winning nonetheless.

His defense is holding up, and former Miami Hurricanes star RB Willis McGahee is enjoying a revival as the sole feature back in the wake of RB Knowshon Moreno’s ACL injury. Last week, McGahee crossed the 100 yard plain and maintained possession, giving Tebow an opportunity to succeed with the San Diego Chargers having to respect the run.

His defense played extremely well in the Chargers game. QB Philip Rivers is having a nightmare season, which lends to the success rate of the AFC West against the Chargers, but Tebow is still the focal point in the Broncos wins, finding his new favorite target WR Eric Decker multiple times this season.

Every QB should have a solid running game, a top target, and a ubiquitously virulent defense to win a championship. This was the difference between Dolphins QB Dan Marino and former 49ers QB Joe Montana’s teams, Marino may have been better, but Montana had the team surrounding him.

I couldn’t stand Tebow. As a Miami fan, I thought the Gators in their prime under former Coach Urban Meyer was dreadful, and I thought Gator day in Miami’s stadium was an abomination, but Tebow is slowly winning me over, surprising the doubters week in and week out.

Let’s see if he can win for more than a few weeks, and turn a surprise into a career.




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