By Eric Schmidt

The Minnesota Vikings have made some moves this week at the quarterback position, releasing a veteran and bringing back a former player. After adhering to the suggestion of veteran QB Donovan McNabb and his request of being released, the Vikings reached out to former Minnesota Vikings backup Sage Rosenfels, signing him off the waiver wire after being released by the Miami Dolphins.

Rosenfels was impressive in the 2010 preseason for the Minnesota Vikings and was traded to the New York Giants at the start of the season. But given the issues surrounding McNabb and Rosenfels, you have to ask a few questions.

Rosenfels was released by the New York Giants in the preseason after suffering a rare blood disease. He was claimed by the Miami Dolphins after the club lost QB Chad Henne for the season, but did not start because of the re-occurring blood disorder. It was widely speculated last week that the Houston Texans would welcome Rosenfels back to the club after losing Matt Schaub as well as Matt Leinart, but failed to but in a waiver claim for the veteran journeyman.Houston inked a deal with Jake Delhomme, a turnover magnet in the past few seasons.

The biggest and most curious move has to be the fact that no NFL team put a waiver claim in for McNabb and even after finishing the waiver process and free to sign with any NFL franchise, he remains unsigned. Three teams last week put a waiver claim in for QB Kyle Orton– Kansas City, Dallas and Chicago.

The fact that NFL clubs put in waiver claims for Orton and Sage Rosenfels, while every team passed on McNabb has to raise the question as to whether or not his career is basically over. McNabb made some talk show rounds on Friday, and sounded borderline pathetic in explaining that teams would be getting a quarterback which would be a great player, not a locker room cancer and sounded desperate.

I think Donovan McNabb needs to realize that his career is winding down, if not come to a grinding halt. There is something else happening behind the scenes after the last two seasons with McNabb, two teams in serious playoff contention passed on a former Pro Bowl quarterback available on the waiver wire.





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