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Should the Denver Broncos consider benching Tim Tebow if they begin to fall behind against Kyle Orton and the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday? It is a question worth discussing, although I’m sure the millions of Tebowmaniacs out there are already foaming at the mouth just thinking about the possibility.

Although, a true Tebowmaniac would not get angry. They would get down on one knee, strike the ‘Tebowing’ pose, and pray for me and my foolish ideas.

And then they would leave nasty comments about how I have no clue about football.

But that is where they would be wrong. I do know football. I played it. I watch it, and then I analyze it in writing. I know football, and I know Tebow.

And after seeing a significant enough sample size, I can tell you that the latter has no business being a starting NFL quarterback in the former.

Yes, Tebow can make plays with his legs. So can Vince Young. He can keep the play alive by scrambling around in the pocket. So could Jamarcus Russell.

But that is where it ends. When he actually is forced to throw the football, especially more than 15 yards down field, that is where it all falls apart for Tebow.

Tebow is beginning to prove all of the Orton haters wrong.

After losing their last two games, the Broncos could find themselves in a must win situation on Sunday against a familiar foe. If the Oakland Raiders win their game against the San Diego Chargers, then Denver must defeat Kyle Orton and the Kansas City Chiefs in order to win the AFC West and qualify for the playoffs.

You all remember Orton in Denver, right? He is the guy you couldn’t stand because you couldn’t wait for Tebow Time to begin. But when the Broncos trail in games, is Tebow Time truly that enjoyable to watch?

I guess if you like to witness a quarterback with a horrible throwing motion and who has bad mechanics and who throws perhaps one of the ugliest balls in the history of the game, then Tebow Time is still super.

When Tebow is forced to throw, things get ugly in a hurry. He has no zip, very little accuracy, and throws the ball with less of a spiral then a kid just trying to learn the game in pee-wee football. It is hard to watch.

So, with the game and a possible postseason berth on the line, should Denver consider benching Tebow in favor of Brady Quinn if the team falls behind early? If it is just three points, then Tebow’s athleticism and strong ground game can keep his team in the game right up until the very end.

But if the Broncos fall behind by more than a score or two as time goes on, Denver may have no choice but to admit that Tebow is not the answer long term, unless they turn him into a tailback, and hand the reins to Quinn for at least one game to see what he has.

If not, maybe they can trade up for Baylor Bears and Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Robert Griffin III and the 2012 NFL Draft. Like Tebow, Griffin can run the ball very well when he has to in key situations.

But unlike Tebow, he can throw the ball with zip and accuracy down field as well.





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