By Eric Schmidt

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers season has been one filled with major disappointment, but as the team continues to unravel this season, a story comes out this afternoon that RB LeGarrette Blount led an alleged attack on a Buccaneers fan. The St Petersburg Times is reporting this afternoon that a victim is accusing LeGarrette Blount of being involved in an attack on September 11th of this year.

According to the paper, Blount was never charged in the alleged assault but the victim stated that Blount was “the leader” in the attack. The incident took place at the Visconti apartments, not far from Raymond James Stadium, after the Buccaneers lost their home opener to the Detroit Lions. The victim was reportedly driving a 2008 Toyota pickup truck into the apartment complex when the driver clipped the mirror of another vehicle that Blount and two other men were standing next to.

The paper reports that according to the police report, the two men with Blount attacked the driver of the pickup. The pickup’s windshield was destroyed and the driver of the Toyota pickup was beaten until he blacked out. The police report states that Blount never laid a hand on the victim.

St. Pete Times reporter Steven Holder is reporting after this story broke, that LeGarrette Blount’s attorney has stated that these allegations are nothing more than an attempt to extort money from Blount. The running back’s attorney stated that the victim in this event has requested $95,000.00 dollars in compensation.

I am going to extend the benfit of the doubt in this matter until more details emerge. Then again, I was willing to give Detroit Lions DT Ndamukong Suh the benefit of the doubt as well, until Thanksgiving Day.Blount come to the Buccaneers with a historic “punch” while as a member of the Oregon Ducks and recently drew a personal foul after throwing a punch at an opposing player against the Tennessee Titans.

The Buccaneers have collected a team filled with players with questionable histories, RB LeGarrette Blount,  DT Albert Haynesworth and CB Aqib Talib-along with suspended S Tanard Jackson. The Buccaneers appear headed in the wrong direction and you have to wonder what sort of players head coach Raheem Morris wants to fill his roster with.






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  1. avatar Bobo

    I’ve mentioned to you in the past…Blount is my next NFL player candidate for a room on death row. It’s obvious after sucker punching a college opponent and fist fighting with fellow team mates in Tenn that this incredible athlete has no common sense or any semblance of how human beings behave. He’s nothing more than an Orangutan in a creamsicle uniform. Give him a bananna and put him back in his crate till Sunday.


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