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The NFL has turned into a pass-happy league, as evidenced by New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees breaking Dan Marino’s single season passing yards mark last night. Brees may not be alone in that department this season, as New England Patriots QB Tom Brady should also break the mark that stood since 1984.

Teams have proven that you need a solid starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl these days. Defenses are nice, and strong ground games still count, but it is the quarterback who will make or break your team in this day and age. That is why teams with quarterbacks such as Brees, Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning have been a few of the quarterbacks to win Super Bowls over the past few seasons.

Today, you would not see a Trent Dilfer lead his team to the Lombardi Trophy. Brad Johnson would likely not be able to do so either. They were the beneficiaries of extremely great defenses and their only job was to not turn the ball over.

With that being said, today’s quarterbacks in the NFL either seem to be elite, or extremely overrated. The league does not seem to have as much parity at the position as it once did. Some quarterbacks are good enough to win multiple Super Bowl championships, while others – for one reason or another – seem to have absolutely no shot at ever leading a team to a title, regardless of how much talent they have around them.

Here is a list of 10 quarterbacks who I emphatically believe will never win a Super Bowl as the team’s starting quarterback.

10. Kyle Orton. He has had decent defenses around him, and has not been able to get the job done. After some strong starts with the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos, the real Kyle Orton seems to show his true colors. He has neither the skills or the smarts to win it all.

9. Rex Grossman. He couldn’t do it with the Bears, and he will never do it with the Washington Redskins. He is just another quarterback who was very good as a Florida Gator, but will never match that success at the NFL level. Expect to see at least one more former Gators signal caller to appear later on this list.

8. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Here is a guy who I cannot say that he doesn’t have the smarts to win a title. He went to Harvard. But what he learned in the classroom cannot help him on the gridiron. He is another example of a quarterback who seems to start off the season well, only to struggle mightily down the stretch. The Buffalo Bills must be suffering some severe buyer’s regret right now, having signed him to a ridiculous deal worth roughly $60 million over the next five years. He will not be around to play out the life of that contract.

7. Kevin Kolb. Ah, the classic case of a back-up quarterback who plays a couple of good games filling in for the injured starter on a solid team, only to fail miserably when he finally takes over as the full-time starter. Call it the Scott Mitchell saga, or whoever else you want to insert into his place. Kolb isn’t even the best quarterback on the Arizona Cardinals. That is pathetic.

Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez will never hoist the Lombardi Trophy over their head.

6. Jay Cutler. His horrible personality aside, Cutler will never remain upright long enough in Chicago to lead the Bears to a Super Bowl. And after watching him quit last season, what other team would want him?

5. Josh Freeman. He looked great in his second season, but took a huge step backward this year. He just makes far too many mistakes to bring another championship to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He would need a tremendous coach to get him back on track under center.

4. Tony Romo. I can’t see anyone outside of the Dallas Cowboys fanbase arguing this one. Talk about a dumb decision maker. Give the Cowboys a 14 point lead late in the fourth quarter, and Romo is almost guaranteed to somehow choke it away. Aside from one time this season playing with an injury, he shows no heart, and his interviews before and after the game make him look like the biggest sissy in the world. Even though they look Hollywood nowadays, quarterbacks still need to be tough. Romo just doesn’t fit the bill.

3. Mark Sanchez. The New York Jets are an overrated, overhyped football team, led by its’ loudmouth coach, Rex Ryan. Their defense is nowhere near as good as people seem to think, and Sanchez turns the ball over too many times to ever lead the team to a Super Bowl. I admit that it amazes me that he ever helped get the team to the AFC Championship game the past two seasons. But he has also taken a giant step backward over each of the past couple of seasons. He is not the answer in New York.

2. Andrew Luck. I know what you’re saying. Luck isn’t even in the NFL yet. I never said that this list was purely NFL quarterbacks. Now don’t get me wrong. I do believe a lot of the hype when it comes to Luck. He is the most NFL-ready quarterback since Peyton Manning, and he could have an excellent career. He could also turn out to be the next Ryan Leaf. Granted, he is more talented and has a much better head on his shoulders than Leaf, but the pressure on this kid immediately may just be too much to overcome. Everyone thinking that he will do what Marino did in his first couple of seasons will be very disappointed. He will most likely get drafted by the Indianapolis Colts, and if Manning only won one Super Bowl with that rag tag team surrounding him, then how can anymore be expected from a rookie No. 1 pick?

1. Tim Tebow. OK. Now all of my haters can really let me have it with this pick, but I don’t care. Let me clarify that I have nothing against Tebow as a person. He is a great kid, and he is the type of role model that the league needs more of today, but as a starting NFL quarterback, I just don’t see it at all. He can make plays with his legs and stay alive in the pocket, but he throws one of the worst footballs that I have ever seen. He has no arm strength, and his accuracy is far below average, at best. He may live life the right way, but he has no business being a starting quarterback in the NFL, and he will never win a Super Bowl due to an overall lack of talent at the most important position in the game.





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