By Eric Schmidt

With the possibility of another 6-10 season looming on the horizon, Washington Redskins fans have to wonder whether or not head coach Mike Shanahan will survive after this season. The Washington Redskins hired the former Super Bowl winning head coach to turn their franchise around, but after 28 games, the Redskins show little sign of progress. Instead, Shanahan has fielded teams which struggle and are filled with drama.

Last season, the Washington Redskins were surrounded with the drama which followed DT Albert Haynesworth and QB Donovan McNabb. The weekly stories involving the Redskins were not about their performance on the field, but rather what was the status of these two high profile players. With both Haynesworth and McNabb elsewhere at the start of this season, this was going to be the year that the Redskins made serious strides.

The season started well for the Redskins, winning three of their first four games, but it all went south from there, losing seven of eight, including six straight. Shanahan has only won 10 of the 28 games he’s coached in Washington. Now comes word that TE Fred Davis and OT Trent Williams are going to receive a four-game suspension from the league for testing positive for a banned substance, yet another bit of drama. TE Fred Davis is the leading pass receiver on a team which is devoid of offensive playmakers.

One of the only bright spots for the Redskins this season has been some solid defensive play. Washington is currently ranked 9th against the pass and 18th versus the run. The unit has improved over last season when the Redskins were allowing over 400 yards a game, but they did allow the Jets to score 21 points in a fourth quarter comeback on Sunday.

As the season winds down, some of the very same questions remain that surrounded the team at the conclusion of the 2010 season. The offensive line has allowed 33 sacks. There is no definite answer at running back. Who plays quarterback next season? And more importantly, should Mike Shanahan get another year to continue tinkering with the Redskins?

One of the problems this season has been offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, Mike’s son. It’s possible that owner Daniel Snyder calls Mike Shanahan into the office at the end of the season and request him to make some changes. Would Mike Shanahn be willing to fire his own son in order to keep his job? Or would he simply force Snyder to simply fire him?

After two seasons, there is no quarterback to build the team around. This is a team moving sideways, not forward. The Redskins are not just a few players away from making a playoff push, so exactly what is Shanahan doing? Coaching changes with the Redskins happen more frequently than elections in Washington, and this season could be no different.







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    no , Shanahan need to fire this son


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