By Eric Schmidt

Already one of the most polarizing athletes of my life time, Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow is in demand, everyone wants to ride the wave of his popularity. Any presidential candidates which were hoping to ride in on his coat tails, capitalizing from his appeal can forget having a photo op by his side this campaign season. Tim Tebow told reporters that he would not be endorsing any presidential candidate this season.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Tebow acknowledged that he had been courted by contenders for the Republican presidential nomination but wouldn’t name names. He did decline any endorsement by telling reporters, “I think you have to have so much trust in who you support, just from product endorsements to endorsing a candidate because if that person or company does something (bad), it reflects on you”.

The fad of Tebowmania was re-energized this past weekend. Despite losing their last three games of the regular season, Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos managed a 29-23 overtime win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tebow managed his best passing effort of the season, throwing for 316 yards. Tebow threw an 80-yard strike to WR Demaryius Thomas on the first play of overtime.

After that play, Twitter announced that the play caused people to explode on Twitter with users sending out Tweets at a rate of 9,420 messages per second. No doubt any politician would like to ride that wave of popularity.





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