By Eric Schmidt

San Diego Chargers fans are frustrated over the decision by team owner Dean Spanos to retain head coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith for another season. The San Diego Chargers failed to reach post season play for the second consecutive season in 2011. One Chargers fan was so outraged over the team’s decision to retain Turner and Smith, he took out a newspaper advertisement.

Nick Esayiam, a race car driver took out a $900 dollar advertisement in the North County Times newspaper and scribed an open letter to the team’s president.

“Your decision to retain Mr. Turner and Mr. Smith after a second year of missing the playoffs, is a commitment to failure and a poor business decision. If your goal is to move the Chargers to Los Angeles or elsewhere, you’ve just ‘sealed the deal’ for such a move. It is not too late to admit your mistake, bring in a staff that CAN win and give San Diegans what they deserve. A winner”, Esayiam wrote.

This is the overwhelming feeling from the Chargers fan base and the team is going to have to be uncharacteristically active in the free agency period in order to try to win back the fan base. If Norv Turner fails to reach the playoffs in 2012, the Chargers will have no other option than to release both Turner and Smith heading into the 2013 season.

San Diego has been very vocal about the desire for a new stadium and they have an option each year to opt out of their stadium contract but they have decided to remain in San Diego in Qualcomm stadium for the 2012 season. A move which was announced earlier this month.





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  1. avatar SD Mikee 619

    The Chargers have been plagued with injury this past season. Our offensive line unfortunately struggled tremendously. Without the offensive line Rivers is useless. We are a Super Bowl contender with Coach Norv Turner and Mr. Alex Smith. 2012 should be a season in which Chargers dominate. We need to stay healthy. I believe in you Chargers. We should be in the AFC Championship game vs. the Patriots this year. Good Luck and Go Chargers. SD Love 619.

    What experience do you have to tell somebody else how to run their business? Were you at practice everyday? Do you know what goes on internally in the locker room? Stick to driving Sir.

  2. avatar SDNative

    Wish he would have given the $900.00 to me instead of wasting on a newspaper ad. I would have used the money and bought season tickets for 2012, cause I believe in this team and the management. Rivers had an off year, you take back half of his INTs and I guarantee we are in the playoffs this year. Looking forward to 2012! Go BOLTS!!

    • avatar Goomba

      This is how good a coach we have last year we had the #1 offence and the #1 D and what was our record? That is how good our coach is.

  3. avatar NJBOLTSFAN

    Dear SD Mikee: SHUT UP with the ” Chargers have been plagued with injury this past season”. Every single team in the NFL can use the same excuse. It’s not an excuse. This is AJ and NORV not having ANY capable backups to do their jobs. A coache and GM’s job is to bring in the right players, COACH! MOTIVATE! and have your team ready every Sunday. Which neither of those jackasses do.

    And SDNative- you’ll be the first one kicking and screaming next season when the Chargers are 3-5 at the midway point.

    • avatar bones13

      Why is it always the coaches fault when a team does bad, here is a team that dropped 6 straight games in the middle of the season, 2 in overtime! Damn, when do you hold the players accountable? They get paid big bucks to produce.Norv has done the best he can with the players the team is willing to spend as little money on. It is hard to have constancy when you get rid of the key player who perform and get there jobs done week in and week out!
      Charger management you SUCK!


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