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The Pittsburgh Steelers wanted you to believe that offensive coordinator Bruce Arians simply retired so that they could revert to what many call their old school “blue collar” offense, but as things so often take place in the National Football League, nothing is ever as it first appears.

Arians was not retained by the Steelers, and that has apparently angered quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Roethlisberger was happy with Arians calling the plays on offense, because it meant that he was allowed to throw the ball far more frequently than was the case before they both arrived in Pittsburgh. But Steelers president Art Rooney II wants to revert to a run first, run second, throw only when necessary sort of approach that worked for the Steelers for so many years.

Still, one has to question this decision, as the NFL has shifted toward a pass happy league. Teams with the elite quarterbacks seem to go the furthest, or at least teams who can throw the ball with more efficiency. Hence, the New England Patriots and New York Giants getting ready to face off in their rematch in Super Bowl XLVI. Teams still have to be able to run the ball, but the quarterback position is huge, so taking the ball out of Pittsburgh’s best playmaker seems like a questionable decision, to say the least.

Arians has been the only offensive coordinator since the arrival of Mike Tomlin, which is around the time that the team shifted the offense from run first to pass first. But where the offensive line was less than stellar, and Rashard Mendenhall did not exactly put up the best numbers that everyone expected, reducing the amount of throws per game may not work out quite like the team is expecting.

Still, that appears to be the plan.

At least as of now.





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Readers Comments (11)

  1. avatar Tracey

    That really makes me mad!!! We have 3 young recievers and also a veteran why in the heck would you want to go back to that one first offense when our we very limited at the running back position? Let Ben through the darn ball!

    • avatar Quincy

      What pisses me off the most is all of this news sites saying that “Rooney wants a return to a run-first offense” Nowhere has he stated that. Rooney like any level headed owner wants to win. Bruce Arian’s offense was not productive, inconsistent or even close to being fun to watch for the fans. If Ben/Bruce were running plays and showing productivity such as Tom Brady and the Pats, he wouldn’t have any problem with a pass first offense.

  2. avatar Richard Marks

    The Steelers lost the Superbowl last year and lost in the playoffs this year because they’ve become a one dimensional offense relying on the pass and a beat-up older ‘playmeaker’. The playmeaker the author refers to above can’t unload the ball quickly enough to be a true playmaker like a Brady or a Brees, so unfortunately he gets sacked so often trying to be the playmaker that he’s always injured and unable to perform like he used to when he first came-up. it’s time to go back to a strong running game and unload Ike Taylor as well, sicne he caost them this year and last, as well.

  3. avatar johns

    I agree 100% with Mr. Marks. Fat boy Rothlisberger (I bet he weighs 250) can’t
    get out of his own way!!! How about a preconditioning training camp. These guys with all these injuries show a lack of conditioning. Do you get paid enough to work out during the off season?? A bunch of lazy fat boys. Get some hungry youth on that team with some speed and trade Fatlisberger for a 1st round draft pick. He will only get fatter and slower!!!! Especially since he got married and stopped chasing young girls around. At least he moved some then!!!

  4. avatar Leon

    Who cares! Ben cost us this year by insisting on playing this year when he was injured. He cost us SF, almost cost us CLE, and did cost us DEN. He needs to get in shape and learn how to read defenses. Rather than just chucking the ball downfield he needs some sort of cohesive offensive strategy.

  5. avatar vince

    Hey Ben we really love you man and you have to know it. Now shut up and pay attention. Art the Deuce is your boss and signs your paycheck. Who cares if you’re upset. Bruce Arians set you up for most of your injuries. Your running game needs improving and if you would wake up and smell the coffee you would have heard what ARII said.
    Your passing game can only get better with protection and you being able to read defenses.
    I’m nobody but a fan and observer but you better get a personal trainer and nutritionist and get in shape for next season.
    And start acting like a grown man, you have about ten years of football left to do something even more spectacular with your career. Don’t blow it Ben or you’ll wind up being the guy that everybody will remember you as “coulda, woulda, shoulda”!

  6. avatar jim froehlich

    Maybe Ben should concentrate more on learninghow to score from inside the
    20-yd line-something his buddy Arians
    obviously didn’t teach him. If he doesn’t like it, I think a lot of Steeler
    fans would be happy to trade a healthy Roethlisburger for a healthy Peyton Manning.

  7. avatar gregory

    u r not lying ike taylor needs to go


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