By Eric Schmidt

The Carolina Panthers will have to start the 2012 NFL season on the road this year since their home venue will be occupied by President Obama. The Carolina Panther’s home stadium, Bank of America stadium is going to be home to the Democratic National Convention this year and the stadium is going to be the venue in which Barack Obama will deliver his expected Democratic nomination acceptance speech.

The Democratic party has trimmed their convention from four days, down to three with the culmination of the event being the speech delivered by President Obama on September 6, 2012.

The decision to hold the speech at this venue is not without controversy. Several democratic strategists have criticized the use of an outdoor stadium, not to mention that the name of the stadium is Bank of America stadium. Bank of America drew ire from millions of it’s customers last month when it planned to add a $5 dollar monthly surcharge for debit card users. The bank retreated from their decision after public outrage over the plan.

When asked by reporters of the decision to start the season on the road and the use of the stadium for the convention, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson told reporters, “in this case we were willing to do it.”







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  1. avatar Sick_Of_Liberals

    Real great Charlotte, bringing in the democratic convention & screwing the one thing we do care about here in the Carolinas.

    Ron Paul 2012!


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