By Eric Schmidt

Although the game between the Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints has yet to be played, the San Francisco 49ers are preparing as if they will face the New Orleans Saints next week in their NFC Divisional round playoff game. That preparation might be a bit premature, however 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh told 95.7 FM he’s simply playing the odds.

Harbaugh appeared on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, you can listen to the entire interview right here.

When asked about which team the Niners are preparing for, Harbaugh told the radio hosts, “More of the Saints. The greater part would be preparing for the Saints”. Harbaugh pointed out some of the Niners feats during the regular season in the interview.

The 49ers head coach told the hosts, “You go back to the history of the National Football League, here’s a team that’s only thrown five interceptions, which is tied for the lowest of all-time. We’ve turned the ball over only 10 times, leading to the great team statistic of +26, +28 turnovers. It’s a great team statisitc and it’s the great thing that all are contributing”.

If the 49ers are indeed preparing to host the New Orleans Saints, they had better be focusing on finding a way to stop QB Drew Brees. In his last three games, the Saints signal caller threw for 1,091 yards and 10 touchdowns without throwing an interception. San Francisco has not faced an offense as potent as the Saints this season.





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  1. avatar Me

    “San Francisco has not faced an offense as potent as the Saints this season.”
    Couldnt be more false of a statement. The Giants, Eagles, Lions and Cowboys all have offenses that can sling with the saints

    • avatar Greenman

      Saints offence will smash the 49”rs
      In cali ! Guaranteed!!!


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