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The Oakland Raiders must make another big trade, and this one simply has to involve the team’s best all round player, stud running back Darren McFadden.

I know that many people may feel as if this would be ludicrous, but it is a move the team simply must make over the next few months.

McFadden is the best player on the Raiders, hands down. He is one of the most explosive players in the game. When he is on the field, of course.

Therein lies the problem.

McFadden is as talented as they come. He is a power back with tremendous break away speed and a nose for the end zone. He is an excellent pass catching back as well, and would be a great addition for any team. In fact, when McFadden has been healthy and on the field, he is in the same category as only Arian Foster of the Houston Texans and Lesean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles. McFadden is that good.

But once again, he is only as good as he is healthy, and the two just seem to go against each otehr so often.

McFadden just finished his fourth season with the Raiders, but it ended short once again, this time with a Lis Franc injury that caused him to miss much more time than everyone expected. This has been a pattern with McFadden throughout his career.

Run DMC is very talented, but he is even more injury prone.

Here is a stat line for McFadden since he was drafted with the No. 4 overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft out of the University of Arkansas:

2008: 13 games (5 started) // 113 carries for 499 yards // 29 receptions for 285 yards // 4 total TD
2009: 12 games (7 started) // 104 carries for 357 yards // 21 receptions for 245 yards // 1 total TD
2010: 13 games (13 started) // 223 carries for 1,157 yards // 47 receptions for 507 yards // 10 total TD
2011: 7 games (7 starts) // 113 carries for 614 yards) // 19 receptions for 154 yards // 5 total TD

McFadden’s numbers seem to get better, but he just cannot seem to stay healthy. We have seen this with so many players. All the talent in the world cannot make up for the fact that they cannot remain on the field.

And throw in the fact that as good as McFadden is, Oakland already has another back more than capable of carrying the load in Michael Bush. Drafted the same season, but coming off the heels of an injury at the University of Louisville, Bush saw plenty of action in McFadden’s absence last season. Here is a look at his stat line for this past year in the Bay Area:

2011: 16 games (9 starts) // 256 carries for 977 yards // 37 receptions for 418 yards // 8 total TD

As you can see, there is not a significant drop off for the Raiders when McFadden is forced to the sidelines. He can run, catch and block, and he rarely misses any time. He is also slightly cheaper than McFadden.

The bottom line is that while Oakland just missed reaching the postseason last year, they are still quite a ways away from being considered a legitimate Super Bowl contender. New general manager Reggie McKenzie was said to want “gut this place” by former head coach, Hue Jackson. The team hired former Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen as the new head coach, and the team will most likely undergo drastic changes over the next couple of seasons.

But unfortunately, following some ill advised trades, most notably that of Carson Palmer this season, Oakland does not have a draft pick in the 2012 NFL Draft until the fifth round as of right now. McKenzie already cleaned house on the coaching front, and if he wants to make significant changes to the organization, then he will most likely do the same with the player roster as well.

The Raiders will receive some compensatory picks for losing Robert Gallery and Nnamdi Asomugha through free agency, but not being able to select a player until the fifth round will severely limit what they can do this upcoming season, as they also do not have much salary cap room.

Trading McFadden is their only chance to make an immediate impact, and in the AFC West, it will not take much to win that division. If Oakland is able to trade McFadden for some early draft picks, perhaps even a first and third in this upcoming draft, then the rebuilding may begin earlier than expected, but the success could also come earlier than many feel is possible.





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Readers Comments (9)

  1. avatar frankie

    No way that happens remember no ota’s this season either it won’t take place he’s a raider with a lot to prove to himself and organization that he is healthy enough

  2. avatar slvrnblaktilidi

    Rob, you are clearly not a Raider fan, or at least not one that is at least 30 years old. Ever heard of a guy named Marcus Allen? He was always hurt as well and we thought we had the best back ever in Bo Jackson. So we traded Allen to the Chiefs and Allen punished us for 8 years. we cannot trade Run DMC. He will be fine and we will make it to the SB with him, not without him. And please don’t tell me we can trade him to the NFC or other divsion, look what happened with Favre when the pack would not trade him to the vikes.

  3. avatar b_reirgn

    if we trade anyone it should be Palmer. WE can still get a 3rd rounder for him.

  4. avatar Luis

    Rob, I don’t think trading away the best player for unproven draft picks is a way to improve a team. slvrnblaktilidi makes a good point in Reference to Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson. Then Bo Jackson ended up with a career ending injury and we were left without a star Running Back for years. Also, Michael Bush was not drafted the same year as McFadden. He was drafted the year before on the 2nd day of the draft, 1st pick in the fourth round and sat out a year on the PUP list. McFadden will only be 25 years old when the season starts. Bush will be 28. McFadden is still very young and has at least 7-8 years of solid production where Bush may only have 4-5 years left. Sure he has been injury prone, but he has been a young growing man taking punishing blows from grown men. I do believe that he will have some full season’s under his belt by the time he’s done playing. You can’t just trade away your super-star players much less a potential top 3 RB and expect to be successful.

  5. avatar Billy McRaider

    No No No. We have a great nucleus of “stud” players, there is no room for wholesale changes. With Carson having a full camp, and pre-season, healthy receivers and a healthy Running game, we can “shore” up a few areas, that’s it. No need to panic, WE would have made the play-offs if the mistakes were less and injuries were not a factor. Motivate, Inspire and the Will to Win is what must
    be preached day in day out. Make players sleep with a football, carry it everywhere, make it a part of their life. Just Win Baby!

  6. avatar Alfono Perry

    You can’t trade him because he’s been hurt. He’s got no trade value because he’s injury prone. Plus we were 8-8 with out him. We would have beat KC Denver and the Lions if we had him. We are a totally different team when he’s in the line up. But if he gets hurt next year he’s got to go.

  7. avatar joseph

    No… Wrong… you do not trade away franchise players…. The offense needs very few improves ments at skill positions. We need faster and better linebackers and another good corner…

  8. avatar BLKHOLEFEVA510



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