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The offseason has been a trainwreck for the New York Jets this offseason with named and unnamed sources commenting on the state of the locker room this past regular season. One thing appears to be a constant in 2012, WR Santonio Holmes will return. Holmes signed a contract with the New York Jets and he is unlikely to be moved to another team, especially with the guaranteed money due him over the next two seasons. Free agent RB LaDainian Tomlinson had some scathing comments about the Jets locker room on Inside the NFL last night on Showtime.

The New York Jets organization is falling apart in just a matter of weeks. This afternoon, owner Woody Johnson told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that Santonio Holmes may be one of the best players the New York Jets have ever had. Seriously? What will Joe Namath have to say about that bombshell? Namath feels the need to weigh in on every move the Jets organization makes, without a doubt, he will get some airtime on a New York radio station in order to make another outlandish statement.

The wheels are falling off the bus with the New York Jets. There is simply too much dirty laundry being aired out in the public domain. The Jets finished the season with a three-game losing streak and was one of the biggest underachieving teams in the 2011 regular season. You have players throwing other players under the bus in the media, a head coach which gets baited into creating a firestorm of creating a quarterback controversy and now the owner of the team calls WR Santonio Holmes one of the best Jets players of all time. Yeah. Everything is just fine and dandy at the home of the New York Jets.

Holmes has millions of guaranteed money coming his way from the Jets front office but for the 2011 season, he recorded 51 receptions for just 654 yards and eight scores and was benched for the Jets last regular season game while not recording one game with more than 93 receiving yards.





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