By Eric Schmidt

The 2012 NFL Draft order was finalized this morning with four teams participating in a coin flip in order to determine their final draft order in the first round. The Miami Dolphins flipped a coin with the Carolina Panthers while the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks squared off in order to determine their draft position.

The Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs came away with wins in their coins flips so the draft positions for the first 12 spots if now finalized.

The top 12 teams and their draft order in the 2012 NFL Draft.

1-Indianapolis Colts

2-St. Louis Rams

3-Minnesota Vikings

4-Cleveland Browns

5-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6-Washington Redskins

7-Jacksonville Jaguars

8-Miami Dolphins

9-Carolina Panthers

10-Buffalo Bills

11-Kansas City Chiefs

12-Seattle Seahawks






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