By Eric Schmidt

The NFL already plays one game abroad in London during the dreadful International Series, but could the Dallas Cowboys be playing a regular season game in Mexico? Josh Ellis, writing for hints that the Dallas Cowboys could be considering a regular season game south of the border.

These international games are horrible ideas. Fans of one team playing in London wind up losing a home game and in such a short season with only eight home games, each game is valuable. Owners wind up enjoying these games because the “home” team is always guaranteed a sell out. So, after many of these owners extort local communities to get a new stadium built, they are then ready to take one home game out of the new stadium in order to make even more money?

One needs to only look at the current situation surrounding the St. Louis Rams and their desire to play one “home” game in London in each of the next three seasons but the Convention Center Bureau which holds the lease with the Rams said not so fast.After playing in two of the last three London games as the “home” team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers told the league this year, enough already.

This international expansion is Commissioner Roger Goodell’s desire to enhance his legacy. He wants to be remembered as the pioneer of taking the NFL international. According to Mr. Ellis in his piece, Mr. Goodell said in his state of the game speech, that if the London model is successful, the NFL will expand through Europe and he suggested he wants to expand into Mexcio and perhaps even into Latin America at some point.

The NFL game has already been tried in Europe and it’s failed every time it’s been tried. The London game sells out simply because it’s a novelty. Mr. Goodell also hinted during his speech that the NFL could possibly expand with two more teams. One team would obviously wind up in Los Angeles, but where would the other team land? London perhaps?

Whether fans want this expansion or not, it will be rammed down our throats. International expansion is what Mr. Goodell wants and he is going to pull every string to make this happen.




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  1. avatar Notta CowboysFan

    We in the El Paso area always refer to the Cowboys as Mexico’s Team. El Paso is full of Cowboys fans. Send ’em and make them stay there.


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