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Over 8,000 pounds of Butterfingers candy bars were delivered by a company called Pawngo to Boston’s Copley Square on Tuesday, a gesture mocking New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker for his dropped pass during the fourth quarter of the team’s 21-17 Super Bowl XLVI loss to the New York Giants on Sunday night.

The Denver and Chicago Internet based business dropped off 900 Butterfingers along with a sign that proclaimed, “Thank You Wes Welker.”

This move was clearly a public relations move, designed to get them attention, which it clearly did. Pawngo calls itself the Internet’s first online pawn shop and said it did what it did to try to give the city of Boston and Patriots fans everywhere some much needed comic relief.

Chances are, Welker and his Patriots teammates and family did not find it all that humorous.

Well, Gisele Bundcheon was probably laughing somewhere. Hopefully, this time it was not caught on camera like when she said that her husband “cannot [expletive] catch the ball and throw the ball at the same time.”

That leads me to a question. If Welker is Butterfingers, what candy bar could some other NFL players be in similar gestures? Here is a quick look. Feel free to add any of your own suggestions below.

Tom Brady – Sugar Daddy. Not because of who he married, but because she makes more than him. In this one case, the player is not the sugar daddy. It is his wife.

Eli Manning – Nerds. I just look at him and think nerd. That does not take anything away from him as an NFL quarterback, as he is amongst the league’s elite.

Nobody feels worse about the drop than Welker.

Peyton Manning – Toblerone. He has been the best for so many years. He is not ready to give up that top billing.

Danny Woodhead – Pez. Mainly because of his height. You have to think if you tilt his head back that Pez will come out, right?

Michael Vick – Milk Duds. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory says that Milk Duds are the most apologetic candy. No NFL player should be more sorry for what he did in the past than Vick.

Jay Cutler – Sour Patch Kids. Starting NFL quarterback with a ton of money engaged to a hottie in Kristin Cavalleri. Yet he always has a sour puss on his face. Why so sour, Jay?

Chris Johnson – Payday. He got his pay day, but the Titans are still waiting for their results.

Chad Ochocinco – Peeps. He loves Twitter and his Tweeps. We’re gonna roll with this one regardless.

Maurice Jones-Drew – Junior Mints. Like Kramer from Seinfeld will tell you, they are refreshing. At his small stature, MJD is still refreshing as the league’s top rusher last season.

Tony Romo – Cadbury Eggs. Can be very good. Just doesn’t show up that often. Especially when you actually want him to be there, he never seems to be available.

Marshawn Lynch – Skittles. If you even need to ask, then obviously you haven’t been paying attention.

Vince Wilfork – Jelly Belly. Look at that gut. It always amazes me just how agile and athletic the guy is, as when you see him in person, you want to ask just what trimester he is in now.

Ndamakong Suh – Kit Kat. All he is asking is for a break.

Drew Brees – 100 Grand. It won’t be 100 grand, but Brees ought to be signing a deal worth $100 million or so this offseason.





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