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Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo was the perfect playing partner for Tiger Woods at this past weekend’s PGA Pebble Beach Pro-Am Tournament. This is something that you simply couldn’t script. In fact, it was Romo and Woods who helped us realize this dream, as the quarterback was the one who called and begged to play with the enigmatic former top golfer.

Romo and Woods have so much in common, aside from the fact that they are both high profile athletes who find themselves in the headlines for as many bad things as they do good. They have as many detractors as they do supporters, and they make the ultimate twosome for any professional sporting event, and here are the top 5 reasons why I believe this to be true.

5. Romo and Woods have had their fair share of notorious women in their lives. Romo was rumored to be dating Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson and Natalie Smith. That was all well in good for Romo, as he was single. He eventually did marry Candice Crawford, ending his dating carousel. Woods’ biggest problem that all the women in his life were hookers or “questionable” characters while he was married to Elin Nordegren. At least we have one way to tell the two apart. Phew.

4. Poor demeanors. When the going is good for Woods, the expressions make that quite clear. He is energetic, his fist is constantly pumping and his phone smile goes from ear to ear. When the going gets rough, it is also abundantly clear that he cannot control his emotions. He gets down on his luck and looks like his throwing a lifelong pity party. He pouts, he hangs his head and he is seemingly near tears following every poor chip or missed putt. Romo always seems down, mainly because he makes so many decisions that cost the Cowboys a win. While you will occasionally catch him dropping a half smile, Romo always appears as if he is either confused, constipated, or perhaps both.

3. Both men once seemed destined for greatness. Both Romo and Woods had the ability to dominate their respective sports had it not been for their poor attitude and questionable decisions on and off their playing surfaces. But their personal lives seemed to affect their professional lives, and they have been unable to separate the two at many times. They each seem to take one or two big steps forward, followed immediately by three or four giant steps back.

2. Maybe they should trade careers. In the final round of the 2012 Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Romo actually shot a lower round than his playing partner. That is saying something, considering Romo is still an amateur golfer. And Woods, one would imagine, could go deep better than Romo, who is fine with his short passes but gets in trouble when he looks long. See, more similarities and differences at the same time. Romo can’t throw the ball deep, where Woods does fairly well with his driving game. Yet Romo can throw the short pass, while Woods consistently misses short putts.

1. Finally, both men despise the number four. Romo can’t close out a fourth quarter of a game, while Woods cannot close out a fourth round of a tournament. They always meltdown in the end.






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