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In what came as somewhat of a surprise, the Tennessee Titans did not slap their franchise tag on defensive back Cortland Finnegan. To a lesser extent, the San Diego Chargers surprised a few people by not designating wide receiver Vincent Jackson as their franchise player, although his salary would have been quite higher than Finnegan’s, as it would have been his second tag, increasing his price.

And while these two come from separate divisions and have never played together, it appears as if one is recruiting the other to join forces and take their talents elsewhere, like to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Finnegan has unofficially asked Jackson to join him as part of a package deal, with the Bucs being the rumored landing spot if Jackson jumps on board. Tampa Bay has plenty of money, a new head coach in Greg Schiano and a need for each standout player on both sides of the ball.

But while it is far from a guarantee that the Bucs would consider adding both players to lucrative contracts, it does appear as if multiple teams could be adding both this offseason, with a list also including the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings. Both need plenty of help if they expect to compete in the NFC over the coming years.

It is unknown as to whether or not Jackson has any intention of signing on to some sort of duo deal with Finnegan, or just go about discussing deals with teams on his own. The Dallas Cowboys have reported interest in Finnegan, but are more than set at the wide receiver position. So if Finnegan really wants to play Jackson badly enough, it may be the latter who decides their future fate together.





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